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Mineral Deposits and Earth Evolution

Product Code: SP248
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by I. McDonald, A. J. Boyce, I. B. Butler, R. J. Herrington and D. A. Polya
Publication Date: 11 October 2005
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Mineral deposits are not only primary sources of wealth generation, but also act as windows through which to view the evolution and interrelationships of the Earth system. Deposits formed throughout the last 3.8 billion years of the Earth~Rs history preserve key evidence with which to test fundamental questions about the evolution of the Earth. These include: the nature of early magmatic and tectonic processes, supercontinent reconstructions, the state of the atmosphere and hydrosphere with time, and the emergence and development of life. The interlinking processes that form mineral deposits have always sat at the heart of the Earth system and the potential for using deposits as tools to understand that evolving system over geological time is increasingly recognized. This volume contains research aimed both at understanding the origins of mineral deposits and at using mineral deposits as tools to explore different long-term Earth processes.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-182-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-182-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 280
Weight: 0.86 kg


Preface, I McDonald • Economic natural resource deposits at terrestrial impact structures, R A F Grieve • Gold mineralization within the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa: evidence for a modified placer origin, and the role of the Vredefort impact event, C L Hayward, W U Reimold, R L Gibson and L J Robb • Metallogenic fingerprints of Archaean cratons, M de Wit and C Thiart • Controls on the heterogeneous distribution of mineral deposits through time, D I Groves, R M Vielreicher, R J Goldfarb and K C Condie • Pre-mineralization thermal evolution of the Palaeoproterozoic gold-rich Ashanti belt, Ghana, V Harcou?t, L Guillou-Frottier and A Bonneville • Geodynamic processes that control the global distribution of giant gold deposits, K Leahy, A C Barnicoat, R P Foster, S R Lawrence and R W Napier • Terrane and basement discrimination in Northern Britain using sulphur isotopes and mineralogy of ore deposits, D Lowry, A J Boyce, A E Fallick, W E Stephens and N V Grassineau • A reassessment of the tectonic zonation of the Uralides: implications for metallogeny, R J Herrington, V N Puchkov and A S Yakubchuk • The terrestrial record of stable sulphur isotopes: a review of the implications for evolution of Earth's sulphur cycle, J Farquhar and B A Wing • Reactive iron enrichment in sediments deposited beneath euxinic bottom waters: constraints on supply by shelf recycling, R Raiswell and T F Anderson • Distinguishing biological from hydrothermal signatures via sulphur and carbon isotopes in Archaean mineralizations at 3.8 and 2.7 Ga, N V Grassineau, P W U Appel, C M R Fowler and E G Nisbet • Diamond mega-placers: southern Africa and the Kaapvaal craton in a global context, B J Bluck, J D Ward and M C J deWit • The formation of economic porphyry copper (-gold) deposits: constraints from microanalysis of fluid and melt inclusions, C A Heinrich, W Halter, M R Landtwing and T Pettke


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