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Exhumation of the North Atlantic Margin: Timing, Mechanisms and Implications for Petroleum Exploration

Product Code: SP196
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A G Dore, J A Cartwright, M S Stoker, J P Turner and N J White
Publication Date: 20 November 2002
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Special Publication 196.

Northwest Europe has undergone repeated episode of exhumation (the exposure of formerly buried rocks) due to such factors as post-orogenic unroofing, rift-shoulder uplift, hotspot activity, compressive tectonics, eustatic seal-level change, glaciation and isostatic re-adjustment. Of particular importance was the widespread uplift and emergence of large section of the North Atlantic Margin during Cenozoic time, a process that included major denudational episodes in the Paleocene and Late Neogene. Despite a rapid increase in the understanding of this phenomenon, there are still many critical questions: the relative intensity of the various exhumation phases and their geographical variation; mechanisms of uplift; nature of the link between onshore denudation and offshore sedimentation. Tied to these problems is the larger-scale question of whether the circum-North Atlantic is unique or whether its behaviour is typical for passive margins.

There have been several attempts in recent years to bring together researchers to address these questions, but these have often focused on one specific geographical area or one particular exhumation phase. Before an integrated story can emerge, disciplines that have traditionally remained apart need to come together: geomorphology and offshore seismic interpretation; Palaeogene and Neogene studies; Scandinavian and British-Irish research schools. This volume represents a first step in this direction by providing an inter-disciplinary set of studies over a wide latitudinal range of the NW European margin.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-112-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-112-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 496
Weight: 1.40 kg


Exhumation of the North Atlantic margin: introduction and background, A G Dore, J A Cartwright, M S Stoker, J P Turner and N White • Present and past influence of the Iceland Plume on sedimentation, S M Jones, N White, B J Clarke, E Rowley and K Gallagher • Timing and mechanisms of North Atlantic Cenozoic uplift: evidence for mantle upwelling, M Rohrman, P A Van Der Beek, R D Van Der Hilst and P Reemst • Paleocene initiation of Cenozoic uplift in Norway, S B Nielsen, G E Paulsen, D L Hansen, L Gemmer, O R Clausen, B H Jacobsen, N Balling, M Huuse and K Gallagher • A structural transect between the central North Sea Dome and the South Swedish Dome: Middle Jurassic-Quaternary uplift-subsidence reversal and exhumation across the eastern North Sea Basin, O Graversen • Cenozoic inversion and uplift of southern Britain, D J Blundell • Landforms and uplift in Scandinavia, K Lidmar-Bergstrom and J O Naslund • Pattern and timing of the post-Caledonian denudation of northern Scandinavia constrained by apatite fission-track thermochronology, B W H Hendriks and P A M Andriessen • Along-slope variation in the late Neogene evolution of the mid-Norwegian margin in response to uplift and tectonism, D Evans, S McGiveron, Z Harrison, P Bryn and K Berg • Reconstructing the erosion history of glaciated passive margins: applications of in situ produced cosmogenic nuclide techniques, A P Stroeven, D Fabel, J Harbor, C Hattestrand and J Kleman • The thermotectonic development of southern Sweden during Mesozoic and Cenozoic time, C Cederbom • Neogene uplift and erosion of southern Scandinavia induced by the rise of the South Swedish Dome, P Japsen, T Bidstrup and K Lidmar-Bergstrom • Cenozoic uplift and denudation of southern Norway: insights from the North Sea Basin, M Huuse • Tectonic impact on sedimentary processes during Cenozoic evolution of the northern North Sea and surrounding areas, J I Faleide, R Kyrkjebo, T Kjennerud, R H Gabrielsen, H Jordt, S Fanavoll and M D Bjerke • Scotland's denudational history: an integrated view of erosion and sedimentation at an uplifted passive margin, A Hall and P Bishop • Cenozoic evolution of the Faroe Platform, comparing denudation and deposition, M S Andersen, A B Sorensen, L O Boldreel and T Nielsen • Late Neogene development of the UK Atlantic margin, M S Stoker • Quantifying exhumation from apatite fission-track analysis and vitrinite reflectance data: precision, accuracy and latest results from the Atlantic margin of NW Europe, P F Green, I R Duddy and K A Hegarty • Sonic velocity analysis of the Tertiary denudation of the Irish Sea basin, P D Ware and J P Turner • The Post-Variscan thermal and denudational history of Ireland, P A Allen, S D Bennett, M J M Cunningham, A Carter, K Gallagher, E Lazzaretti, J Galewsky, A L Densmore, W E A Phillips, D Naylor and C S Hach • Prediction of the hydrocarbon system in exhumed basins, and application to the NW European margin, A G Dore, D V Corcoran and I C Scotchman • Geological and geochemical consequences of basin exhumation, and commercial implications, L C Price • Diagenesis and fluid flow in response to uplift and exhumation, J Parnell • Uplift-related hydrocarbon accumulations: the release of natural gas from groundwater, B Cramer, S Schlomer and H S Poelchau • Depressurization of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs in exhumed basin settings: evidence from Atlantic margin and borderland basins, D V Corcoran and A G Dore •


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