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New Perspectives on the Old Red Sandstone

Product Code: SP180
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P. F. Friend (University of Cambridge, UK) & B. P. J. Williams, (University of Aberdeen, UK).
Publication Date: 21 December 2000
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Geological Society Special Publication 180

From the 1960’s onwards, the Old Red Sandstone of both borders of the Atlantic Ocean has acted as a test bed for the development of new ideas on the interpretation of fluvial, lacustrine and aeolian sedimentary rocks, and the investigation of tectonically-active basins. Much of the earlier reconnaissance work is now being reviewed in the light of further detailed field study, along with new developments in the understanding of the biostratigraphy, palaeobiology, geochronolgy, pedogenesis and tectonics.Three general papers review recent work on the stratigraphical and chronological analysis of the Late Silurian, Devonian and Early Carboniferous strata, and summarise present understanding of the tectonics of the basins. These are then followed by twenty-eight contributions covering new work in Eastern USA, Canada, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Greenland and Spitsbergen. Readership:Research workers in industry and academic researchers interested in the Atlantic borderland evolution.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-071-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-071-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 400
Weight: 1.65 kg


A review of Devonian time scales: databases, construction and new data • Chronostratigraphic framework for the Devonian and Old Red Sandstone • Kinematics and dynamics of Old Red Sandstone basins • Coastal-fluvial palaeoenvironments and plant palaeoecology of the Early Devonian (Emsian) period, Gaspé Bay, Québec, Canada • The geometry, flow patterns and sedimentary processes of Devonian rivers and coasts, New York and Pennsylvania, USA • Depositional and structural setting of the Lower Old Red Sandstone sediments of Ballymastock, Co. Donegal • Initiation and early development of the Dingle Basin, SW Ireland, in the context of the closure of the Iapetus Ocean • A new terrane in the Old Red Sandstone of the Dingle Peninsula, SW Ireland • Taking the roof off a suture zone: basin setting and provenance of conglomerates in the ORS Dingle Basin of SW Ireland • Wide-angle seismic control on the development of the Munster Basin, SW Ireland • Flexural cantilever models of extensional subsidence in the Munster Basin (SW Ireland) and Old Red Sandstone fluvial dispersal systems • U-Pb zircon geochronology of silicic tuffs and chronostratigraphy of the earliest Old Red Sandstone in the Munster Basin, SW Ireland • Controls on magmatism in the Munster Basin, SW Ireland • A mid-Frasnian marine incursion into the southern part of the Munster Basin – evidence from the Foilcoagh Bay Beds, Sherkin Formation, SW County Cork, Ireland • Palaeoenvironment of the plant bearing horizons of the Devonian / Carboniferous Kiltorcan Formation, Kiltorcan Hill Co. Kilkenny, Ireland • Silurian marginal marine sedimentation and the anatomy of the marine – Old Red Sandstone transition in Pembrokeshire, SW Wales • Progress in reconstructing vegetation on the Old Red Sandstone Continent: two Emphanisporites producers from the Lochkovian sequence of the Welsh Borderland • Sedimentology, cyclicity and floodplain architecture in the Lower Old Red Sandstone of SW Wales • Depositional setting of the Lower Old Red Sandstone at Pantymaes Quarry, central South Wales: new perspectives on the significance and occurrence of ‘Senni Beds’ facies • Fault-bounded basin fill: fluvial response to tectonic controls in the Skrinkle Sandstones of SW Pembrokeshire, Wales • Old Red Sandstone basins and alluvial systems of Midland Scotland • Palaeoecology and plant succession in a borehole through the Rhynie cherts, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Scotland • Age and provenance of limestone clasts in Lower Old Red Sandstone conglomerates: implications for the geological history of the Midland Valley Terrain • Devonian (Givetian) miospores from the Walls Group, Shetland • Calcrete morphology and karst development in the Upper Old Red Sandstone at Milton Ness, Scotland • Architecture of the Middle Devonian Kvamshesten Group, Western Norway: sedimentary response to deformation above a ramp-flat extensional fault • Early syndepositional tectonics of East Greenland’s Old Red Sandstone basin • Fossils from the Celsius Bjerg Group, Upper Devonian, East Greenland – significance and sedimentological distribution • Deformation of the Old Red Sandstone of NW Spitsbergen; links to the Ellesmerian & Caledonian orogenies • The Svalbardian / Ellesmerian deformation of the Old Red Sandstone and the pre-Devonian basement in NW Spitsbergen (Svalbard) • New data on the age of the uppermost ORS and the lowermost post-ORS strata in Dickson Land (Spitsbergen) and implications for the age of the Svalbardian deformation • Index. Principal authors: M. R. House, Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK. P. F. Friend, University of Cambridge, UK. D. H. Griffing, Binghampton University, USA. J. S. Bridge, Binghampton University, USA. M. McSherry, The Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland. J. D. Boyd, BP Amoco Exploration, UK. L. K. Richmond, Concoco (UK) Ltd, UK. S. P. Todd, BP Amoco, UK. N. J. Vermeulen, Chevron Oil, UK. E. A. Williams, The Journal of Geostandards and Geoanalysis, France. M. Pracht, Geological Survey of Ireland, Ireland. K. T. Higgs, University College Cork, Ireland. D. E. Jarvis, National University of Ireland Cork , Ireland. R. D. Hillier, Pembrokeshire, UK. D. Edwards, Cardiff University, UK. S. E. Love, ExxonMobil International Ltd., UK. G. Owen, University of Wales, UK. J. D. Marshall, Shell E. P. Technology and Research (EPT-AE), The Netherlands. B. J. Bluck, University of Glasgow, UK. N. H. Trewin, Aberdeen University, UK. H. A. Armstrong, University of Durham, UK. J. E. A. Marshall, Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK. D. F. Balin, Balin & Associates, USA. P. T. Osmundsen, Geological Survey of Norway, Norway. E. Hartz, Oslo University, Norway. J. A. Clack, University Museum of Zoology, UK. A. J. McCann, Statoil, NorwayK. Piepjohn, Wilhelms-Universitat Munster, Germany.


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