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In Sight of the Suture: the Palaeozoic geology of the Isle of Man in its Iapetus Ocean context

Product Code: SP160
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by N.H. Woodcock, D.G. Quirk, W.R. Fitches and R.P. Barnes
Publication Date: 31 August 1999
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The Isle of Man lies close to the surface trace of one of the most important regional Palaeozoic structures - the Iapetus Suture. Evidence suggests that this boundary, between the former Avalonian microcontinent to the south and the Laurentian continent to the north, skirts the northwestern edge of the island. Over most of the British Isles the surface trace of the suture is hidden by Upper Palaeozoic rocks. However, on the Isle of Man, where Lower Palaeozoic rocks crop out at the suture, research promises to substationally augment our knowledge of the geology of the Iapetus Suture Zone and of the outboard edge of the Avalonian margin. As well as providing an overview of a key Caledonide area adjacent to the Iapetus Suture, the papers in this volume describe new work on stratigraphy, sedimentology, deformation, metamorphism, geochemistry, plutonism, palaeomagnetism and geophysics. There are descriptions and an analysis of a range of deep-water sedimentary processes on an early Ordovician continental margin and a detailed analysis of the processes occurring in the developing collision zone between Avalonia and Laurentia. Review papers cover the analogous rocks of Eastern Ireland, the Scottish Southern Uplands and the English Lake District. In Sight of the Suture is the first overview of the pre-Carbonisferous geology of the Isle of Man since the 1960s. It will be of prime interest to research workers in the geology of the Caledonian/Appalachian orogenic belt, to sedimentologists interested in deep marine processes and to petroleum geologists focusing on exploration in the Irish Sea.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-046-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-046-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 376
Weight: 1.10 kg


In sight of the suture: the early Palaezoic geological history of the Isle of Man. Previous ideas and models of the stratigraphy, structure and mineral deposits of the Manx Group, Isle of Man. Manx Group stratigraphy and lithofacies: A reassessment of Manx Group acritarchs, Isle of Man. Macrofauna and ichnofauna of the Manx Group (early Ordovician), Isle of Man. Revised lithostratigraphy of the Manx Group, Isle of Man. Lithofacies of Lower Palaeozoic deep-marine sediments in the Isle of Man: a new map and stratigraphic model of the Manx Group. Manx Group sedimentation; An early Ordovician turbidite system on the Gondwana margin: the southeastern Manx Group, Isle of Man. Manganiferous ironstones in the early Ordovician Manx Group, Isle of Man: a protolith of coticule? Debris flows on the Ordovician margin of Avalonia: Lady Port Formation, Manx Group, Isle of Man. The definition of sandstone-bearing formations in the Isle of Man and correlation with adjacent areas - evidence from sandstone geochemistry. Magmatism; Magnetic survey of the Poortown Dolerite, Isle of Man. Petrological and geochemical evidence for the tectonic affinity of the (?)Ordovician Poortown Basic Intrusive Complex, Isle of Man. Post-Ordovician units; The Silurian fauna (graptolite and nauiloid) of the Niarbyl Formation, Isle of Man. The Silurian succession of the Isle of Man: the late Wenlock Niarbyl Formation, Dalby Group. Palaeomagnetism of )Paleozoic) Peel Sandstones and Langness Conglomerate Formation, Isle of Man: implication for the age and regional diagenesis of Manx red beds. Tectonics and metamorphism; Crustal magnetic structure of the Irish Sea region: evidence for a major basement boundary beneath the Isle of Man. Shallow geophysical and geological evidence for a regional-scale fault duplex in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Isle of Man. Geological structure and tectonic evolution of the Lower Palaezoic rocks of the Isle of Man. Relationships between metamorphism and structure on the northern edge of eastern Avalonia in the Manx Group, Isle of Man. Regional comparisons; Trans-Iapetus contrasts in the geological development of southern Scotland (Laurentia) and the Lakesman terrane (Avalonia). The Skiddaw Group (English Lake District) reviewed: early Palaeozoic sedimentation and tectonism at the northern margin of Avalonia. A comparison of the Ribband Group (southern Ireland) to the Manx Group (Isle of Man) and the Skiddaw Group (northwestern England). Bibliogrpahy. A bibliography of the geology of the Isle of Man. Index.


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