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European Coal Geology & Technology

Product Code: SP125
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Gayer and J. Pesek
Publication Date: 24 July 1997
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Despite the decline in the coal mining industry across Europe during the last decade, coal continues to supply a major part of the growing energy requirements,particularly in the developing countries. During this period there has been a shift in coal extraction techniques from deep underground mines to open pits, reflectingcheaper production costs in a market economy. It seems probable that the European coal industry is entering a period of stability. However, the change to opencastmining has highlighted environmental issues and the need to solve these problems. The book presents 39 papers written by coal scientists in the forefront of European coal research. The papers cover a wide spectrum of coal geology andtechnology, with sections on regional coal reserves, coal basin tectonics and stratigraphy, coal petrology and palaeontology, mineral matter in coal and theenvironment, mining geophysics, coal technology and coalbed methane. Many studies describe coal deposits from Central and Eastern Europe, some of which arenot well known in the West, that the papers and included references will provide an invaluable data source.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-86-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-86-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 448
Weight: 1.15 kg


Regional coal reserves, coal basin tectonics and stratigraphy • The Czech Republic Energy Policy: conception and implementation in a market economy • Coal production and usage in the Czech Republic • Controls on the evolution of the Namurian paralic basin, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic • The origin of magnetic remanence components of Westphalian C to Stephanian C sediments, West Bohemia: a record of waning Variscan tectonism • A depositional and diagenetic model for the Eocene Sulcis coal basin of SW Sardinia • Turkish lignite deposits. The origin and properties of a coal seam associated with continental thin micritic limestones, Selimoglu-Divrigi, Turkey • Chemical characteristics, mineralogical composition and rank of high sulphur coking coals of Middle Miocene age in the Gökler coal field, Gediz, Turkey • The main coal facies and lithotypes of the Pliocene coal basin, Oltenia, Romania • Bulgarian low rank coals: geology and petrology • Coal petrology and facies associations of the South Yakutian Coal Basin, Siberia.• Coal petrology and palaeontology • Coal rank variations with depth related to major thrust detachments in the South Wales coalfield: implications for fluid flow and mineralisation -• Deep borehole evidence for a southward extension of the Early Namurian deposits near Nemcicky, S Moravia Czech Republic: implication for rapid coalification • Mössbauer spectroscopic investigation of low rank coal lithotypes • Comparison of solid state 13C NMR of algal coals/anthracite and charcoal-like fusinites: further evidence for graphitic domains • Composition and properties of North Bohemian coals • Aliphatic biological markers in Miocene Maritza-Iztok lignite, Bulgaria • Floristic characters of the upper coal-bearing formation in the Transcarpathians • Mineral matter in coal and the environment • The distribution of sulphur in the Palaeocene coals of the Sindh province of Pakistan • Sulphur distribution in a multi-bed seam • Values of
•34S in iron disulphides of the North Bohemian lignite basin, Czech Republic • Determination of different forms of sulphur in Yugoslav soft brown coals • Origin of vanadium in coals: parts of the western Kentucky (USA) No. 9 coal rich in vanadium • Environmental impact of minerals in UK coals • Mining geophysics • A well logging method for the determination of the sulphur contents in coal seams by means of deep gammaspectrometry • A logging correlation scheme for the main coal seam of the North Bohemia brown coal basin, and the implications for the palaeogeographical development of the basin • Seismic monitoring for rock burst prevention in the Ostrava-Karvina coalfield, Czech Republic • An analysis of mining induced seismicity and its relationship to fault zones • Comparison of structures derived from mine workings and those interpreted in seismic profiles: an example from the Kacice deposit, Kladno Mine, Bohemia • Coal technology and coalbed methane • Improvements in direct coal liquefaction using beneficiated coal fractions • Conversion of low rank coal into liquid fuels by direct hydrogenation • Desulphurization of low-rank coals by low temperature carbonization • Amelioration of high organic sulphur coal for combustion in domestic stoves • The use of pulverized lignite/natural gas mixed fuels in the high temperature process of a cement rotary kiln • The possibility of underground gasification of Bulgarian Dobrudja's coal • Coalbed methane migration in and around fault zones • Geological research into gas sorbed in the coal seams of the Carboniferous in the Mseno-Roudnice basin, Czech Republic • Estimation method for methane emission from Polish coal mining • Methane emissions and its utilization from Ostrava- Karvina collieries in the Upper Silesian coal basin, Czech Republic


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