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Volcanism Associated with Extension at Consuming Plate Margins

Product Code: SP081
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J L Smellie
Publication Date: 01 March 1994
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This is a valuable book … I heartily recommend it to anyone working in any arc terrain, modern or ancient, and to anyone with an interest in volcanism and magmatic processes. Mineralogical Magazine.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781897799178
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 285
Weight: 0.76 kg


SMELLIE, J.L. Introduction • Tectonics and magmatism • HAMILTON, W.B. Subduction systems and magmatism • Oceanic arc systems • CUFT, P.D. & LEF 135 SCIENTIFIC PARTY Volcanism and sedimentation in a rifting island arc terrain: an example from Tonga, SW Pacific • PEARCE, J.A., ERNEWEIN, M., BLOOMER, S.H., PARSON, L.M., MURTON, B.J. & JOHNSON, L.E. Geochemistry of Lau Basin volcanic rocks: influence of ridge segmentation and arc proximity • KNITTEL, U. & OLES, D. Basaltic volcanism associated with extensional tectonics in the Taiwan- Luzon island arc: evidence for non-depleted sources and subduction zone enrichment • WHARTON, M.R., HATHWAY, B. & COLLEY, H. Volcanism associated with extension in an Oligocene-Miocene arc, southwestern Viti Levu, Fiji • TAYLOR, R.N. & NESBITT, R.W. Arc volcanism in an extensional regime at the initiation of subduction: a geochemical study of Hahajima, Bonin Islands, Japan • PICARD, C., MONZIER, M., EISSEN, J.-P. & ROBIN, C. Concomitant evolution of tectonic environment and magma geochemistry, Ambrym volcano (Vanuatu, New Hebrides arc) • AITCMSON, J.C. & FLOOD, P.G. Gamilaroi Terrane: A Devonian rifted intra-oceanic island-arc assemblage, NSW, Australia • Continental Margin Arcs • POUCLET, A, LEE, J.-S., VIDAL, P., COUSENS, B. & BELLON, H. Cretaceous to Cenozoic volcanism in South Korea and in the Sea of Japan: magmatic constraints on the opening of the back -arc basin • GAMBLE, J.A, WRIGHT, I.C., WOODHEAD, J.D. & MCCULLOCH, M.T. Arc and back-arc geochemistry in the southern Kermadec arc-Ngatoro Basin and offshore Taupo Volcanic Zone, SW Pacific • PE-PIPER, G., PIPER, D.J.W., KOTOPOUU, C.N. & PANAGOS, AG. Neogene volcanoes of Chios, Greece: the relative importance of subduction and back-arc extension • PETFORD, N. & ATHERTON, M.P. Cretaceous-Tertiary volcanism and syn-subduction crustal extension in northern central Peru • EPEZHINSKAS, P. Diverse shoshonite magma series in the Kamchatka arc: relationships between intra-arc extension and composition of alkaline magmas • HOLE, M.J., SAUNDERS, AD., ROGERS, G. & SYKES, M.A. The relationship between alkaline magmatism, litho spheric extension and slab window formation along continental destructive plate margins • Index


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