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Geofluids: Origin, Migration and Evolution of Fluids in Sedimentary Basins

Product Code: SP078
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J Parnell
Publication Date: 18 July 1994
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Geological fluids are a central theme linking the petrography and chemistry of all rock types, deformation processes on the microscopic to the continental scale, and the concentration of economic resources. The fundamental importance of fluid migration and evolution to rock composition and structure is reflected in a growing interest in fluid processes, including a series of successful conferences on water-rock interaction.


The papers in this volume are intended to give a review of the whole spectrum of current geofluids research. The papers include international case studies and are written by leading experts in the field.


This volume will be of interest to geologists in the oil and minerals industries and in academia, and to hydrogeologists and geochemists.



Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-05-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-05-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 374
Weight: 0.91 kg


Preface • FYFE, W.S. The water inventory of earth: fluids and tectonics • Large-scale fluid flow • VAN BALEN, R. & CLOETINGH, S. Tectonic control of the sedimentary record and stress-induced fluid flow: constraints from basin modelling • DEMING, D. Fluid flow and heat transport in the upper continental crust • JESSOP, A.M. & MAJOROWICZ, J.A. Fluid flow and heat transfer in sedimentary basins • PHILLIPS, G.N., WILLIAMS, P.J. & DE JONG, G. The nature of metamorphic fluids and significance for metal exploration • Deformation and fluid flow • SIBSON, R.H. Crustal stress, faulting and fluid flow • MUIR WOOD, R Earthquakes, strain-cycling and the mobilization of fluids • KNIPE, RJ. & McCAIG, A.M. Microstructural and microchemical consequences of fluid flow in deforming rocks • STEPHENSON, E.L., MALTMAN, A.J. & KNIPE, RJ. Fluid flow in actively deforming sediments: 'dynamic permeability' in accretionary prisms • Fluid flow and reservoir evolution • BJ0RLYKKE, K. Fluid-flow processes and diagenesis in sedimentary basins • RINGROSE, P.S. & CORBETT, P.W.M. Controls on two-phase fluid flow in heterogeneous sandstones • Fluid chemistry; metal-organic interactions • HANOR, J .S. Origin of saline fluids in sedimentary basins • GIORDANO, T.H. & KHARAKA, Y.K. Organic ligand distribution and speciation in sedimentary basin brines, diagenetic fluids and related ore solutions • FILBY, R.H. Origin and nature of trace element species in crude oils, bitumens and kerogens: implications for correlation and other geochemical studies • NICHOLSON, K. Fluid chemistry and hydrological regimes in geothermal systems: a possible link between gold-depositing and hydrocarbon-bearing aqueous systems • Fluid evolution: migration and precipitation of hydrocarbons and metals • IANN, U. An integrated approach to the study of primary petroleum migration • SIMONEIT, B. R T. Organic matter alteration and fluid migration in hydrothermal systems PARNELL, J. Hydrocarbons and other fluids: paragenesis, interactions and exploration potential inferred from petrographic studies • FOWLER, A.D. The role of geopressure zones in the formation of hydrothermal Pb-Zn  Mississippi Valley type mineralization in sedimentary basins • METCALFE, R., ROCHELLE, C.A., SAVAGE, D. & HIGGO, J.W. Fluid-rock interactions during continental red bed diagenesis: implications for theoretical models of mineralization in sedimentary basins • Tracers of fluid evolution • DUDDY, I.R., GREEN, P.F., BRAY, R.J. & HEGARTY, K.A. Recognition ofthe thermal effects of fluid flow in sedimentary basins • BALLENTINE, c.J. & Q'NIONS, R.K. The use of natural He, Ne and Ar isotopes to study hydrocarbon-related fluid provenance, migration and mass balance in sedimentary basins. 


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