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The Dynamics & Environmental Context of Aeolian Sedimentary Systems

Product Code: SP072
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by K Pye
Publication Date: 19 March 1993
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This book reviews the current understanding of Aeolian sedimentolgy and geomorphology and the relationships between climate, sea-level and Aeolian transport and deposition. It will be of special interest to sedimentologists, geomorphologists and environmental scientists.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-88-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-88-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 336
Weight: 0.81 kg


Preface • PYE, K. Introduction: the nature and significance of aeolian sedimentary systems • Aeolian mechanics and dune morphodynamics • McEw AN, I. K. & WILLETIS, B. B. Sand transport by wind: a review of the current conceptual model • HARDISTY, J., RousE, H. L. & HART, S. Gain function analysis of sand transport in a turbulent air flow • BURKINSHAW, J. R., ILLENBERGER, W. K. & RUST, I. C. Wind-speed profiles over a reversing transverse dune • WIGGS, G. F. S. Desert dune dynamics and the evaluation of shear velocity: an integrated approach • Desert dunefields • WINTLE, A. G. Luminescence dating of aeolian sands: an overview • EDWARDS, S. R. Luminescence dating of sand from the Kelso Dunes, California • RENDELL, H. M. , YAIR, A. & TSOAR, H. Thermoluminescence dating of periods of  sand movement and linear dune formation in the northern Negev, Israel • STOKES, S. & BREED, C. S. A chronostratigraphic re-evaluation of the Tusayan Dunes, Moenkopi Plateau and southern Ward Terrace, northeastern Arizona • LIVINGSTONE, I. & THOMAS, D. S. G. Modes of linear dune activity and their palaeo­environmental significance: an evaluation with reference to southern African examples • CRABAUGH, M. & KOCUREK, G. Entrada Sandstone: an example of a wet aeolian system • CHAKRABORTY, T. & CHAUDHURI, A. K. Fluvial-aeolian interactions in a Proterozoic alluvial plain: example from the Mancheral Quartzite, Sullavai Group, Pranhita­Godavari Valley, India • Coastal dunefields • PSUTY, N. P. Foredune morphology and sediment budget, Perdido Key, Florida, USA • WAL, A. & McMANUS, J. Wind regime and sand transport on a coastal beach-dune complex, Tentsmuir, eastern Scotland # CARTER, R. W. G. & WILSON, P. Aeolian processes and deposits in northwest Ireland  • CROS, L. & SERRA, J. A complex dune system in Baix Emporda (Catalonia, Spain) PYE, K. & NEAL, A. Late Holocene dune formation on the Sefton coast, northwest England • GARDNER, R. A. M. & McLAREN, S. J. Progressive vadose diagenesis in late Quaternary aeolianite deposits? • McLAREN, S. J. Use of cement types in the palaeoenvironmental interpretation of coastal aeolianite sequences • Temperate and cold climate continental dunes • KOSTER, E. A., CASTEL, 1. 1. Y. & NAP, R. L. Genesis and sedimentary structures of late Holocene aeolian drift sands in northwest Europe • SEPPALA, M. Climbing and falling sand dunes in Finnish Lapland • Dust and loess • GAUSSEN, G. & ROGNON, P. Contrasting origin and character of Pleistocene and Holocene dust falls on the Canary Islands and southern Morocco: genetic and climatic significance • LiP-Y. & ZHOU, L-P. Occurrence and palaeoenvironmental implications of the Late Pleistocene loess along the eastern coasts of the Bohai Sea, China • ROLPH, T. C., SHAW, J., DERBYSHIRE, E. & W ANG JINGTAI The magnetic mineralogy of a loess section near Lanzhou, China • Index 


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