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Upwelling Systems: Evolution since the Early Miocene

Product Code: SP064
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C P Summerhayes, W L Prell & K C Emeis
Publication Date: 11 September 1992
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This volume is characterized by numerous careful discussions of a commendably wide variety of upwelling systems. It will be of use to all researchers interested in oceanography/palaeontology and also anyone interested in the formation of organic-carbon-rich sediments.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-78-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-78-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 522
Weight: 1.18 kg


SUMMERHAYES, C.P., PRELL, W.L. & EMEIS, K.C. Evolution of upwelling systems since the Early Miocene • SMITH, R., L. Coastal upwelling in the modern ocean • SHIMMIELD, G.B. Can sediment geochemistry record changes in coastal upwelling palaeo-productivity? Evidence from northwest Africa and the Arabian Sea • THIEDE, J & JUNGER, B Faunal and floral indicators of coastal upwelling (NW African and Peruvian Continental Margins) • THUNELL, R & SAUTTER, L.R. Planktonic foraminiferal faunal and stable isotopic indices of upwelling: a sediment trap study in the San Pedro Basin, Southern Californic Bight • CURRY, W.B., OSTERMANN, D.R., GUPTHA, M.V.S. & ITTEKKOT, V. Foraminiferal production and monsoonal upwelling in the Arabian Sea: evidence from sediment traps • STEENS, T.N.F., GANSSEN, G & KROON, D. Oxygen and carbon isotopes in planktonic foraminifera as indicators of upwelling intensity and upwelling-induced high productivity in sediments from the northwestern Arabian Sea • ANDERSON, D.M., BROCK, J.C & PRELL, W.L. Physical upwelling processes, upper ocean environment and the sediment record of the southwest monsoon • APLIN, A.C., BISHOP. A.N. CLAYTON, CJ., KEARSLEY, A.T., MOSSMAN, J.R., PATIENCE, R.L., REESE, A.W.G. & ROWLAND S.J.A lamina-scale geochemical and sedimentological study of sediments from the Peru Margin (Site 680, ODP Leg 112) • HERMELIN, J.O.R. Variations in the benethic foraminiferal fauna of the Arabian Sea: a response to changes in upwelling intensity? • ITTEKKOT, V., HAKKE. B., BARTSCH, M., NAIR, R.R. & RAMASWAMY, V, Organic carbon removal in the sea: the continental connection • WELLING, L.A., PISIAS, N.G. & ROELOFS, A.K. Radiolarian microfauna in the northern California Current System: indicators of multiple processes controlling productivity • ORITIZ, J.D & MIX, A.C. The spatial distibution and seasonal succession of planktonic foraminifera in the California Current off Oregon, September 19878 – September 1988 • POWELL, A.J., LEWIS, J & DODGE, J.D. The palynological expressions of post-Palaeogene upwelling: a review • TEN HAVEN, H.L., EGLINTON, G., FARRIMOND, P., KOHNEN, M.E.L., POYNTER, J.G., RULLKOTTER, J & WELTE, D.H. Variations in the content and compositon of organic matter in sediments underlying active upwelling regimes: a study from ODP Legs 108, 112 and 117 • MORSE, J.W & EMEIS, K.C. Carbon/sulphur/iron relationships in upwelling sediments • REPETA, D.J., MCCAFREY, M.A. & FARRINGTON, J.W. Organic geochemistry as a tool to study upwelling systems: recent results from the Peru and Namibian shelves • VON BREYMANN, M.T., EMEIS K.C & SUESS, E. Water depth and diagentic constraints on the use of barium as a palaeoproductivity indicator • SCHNEIDER. R., DAHMKE, A., KOLLING, A., MULLER, P., SCHULZ. H.D & WEFER, G. Strong deglacial minimum in the δ13C record from planktonic foraminifera in the Benguela upwelling region: palaeoceanographic signal or early diagenetic imprint? • MURRAY, D.W. & PRELL, W.L. Late Pliocene and Pleistocene climatic oscillations and monsoon upwelling recorded in sediments from the Owen Ridge, northwestern Arabian Sea • MEYERS, P.A. Organic matter variations in sediments from DSDP site 362 and 532: evidence of upwelling changes in the Benguela Current upwelling system • DIESTER-HAASS, L., MEYERS, P.A. & ROTHE, P. The Benguela Current and associated upwelling on the southwest African Margin: A synthesis of the Neogene-Quaternary sedimentary record at DSDP sites 362 and 532 • PUJOS, A. Calcareous nannofossils of Plio-Pleistocene sediments from the northwestern margin of tropical Africa • Krissek, L.A & CLEMENS, S.C. Evidence for aridity-driven dust flux to the northwest Arabian Sea and for decoupling of the dust and upwelling system • CAULET, J.P., VENEC-PEYRE. M.T., VERGNAUD-GRAZZINI, C & NIGRINI, C. Variation of South Somalian opwelling during the last 160 ka: radiolarian and foraminifera records in core MD 85674 • SCHRADER, H. Peruvian coastal primary palaeo-productivity during the last 2000 000 years • SARNTHEIN, M. PFLAUMANN, U., ROSS, R., TIEDEMANN, R & WINN, K. Transfer functions to reconstruct ocean palaeoproductivity: a comparison • WHITE, L.D., GARRISON, R.E. & BARRON, J.A. Miocene intensification of upwelling along the California margin as recorded in siliceous facies of the Monterey Formation and offshore DSDP sites • IBARAKI, M. Planktonic foraminifera of the coastal upwelling area off Peru since the Pleistocene • HEINZE, P.M. & WEFER, G. The history of coastal upwelling off Peru (11˚S, ODP Leg 112, Site 680B) over the past 650 000 years • HAY, W..W. & BROCK, J.C. Temporal variation in intensity of upwelling off southwest Africa • ABRANTES, F. Palaeoproductivity oscillations during the last 130 ka along the Portuguese and NW African margins • Index


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