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Rock-Forming Minerals, Volume 3B: Layered Silicates: Excluding Micas and Clay Minerals

Product Code: RFM3B
Series: GSL Rock-Forming Minerals - print copy
Author/Editor: By W.A. Deer, R.A. Howie and J. Zussman
Publication Date: 06 March 2009
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This extensive revision deals with the minerals talc, pyrophyllite, chlorite, serpentine, stilpnomelane, zussmanite, prehnite and apophyllite. The text has been completely rewritten and very much expanded to take account of the many advances that have been made in all aspects of the Earth sciences, not least mineralogy. Each chapter is headed by a brief tabulation of mineral data and ends with full references. Crystal structures are described and illustrated, followed by discussion of structural information gained from spectroscopic as well as X-ray and electron-optic methods. Chemical sections include many analyses and structural formulae, phase relations, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary geochemistry, alteration and weathering. Examples are given of a range of mineral parageneses. Correlation between the various aspects of mineralogy are emphasized in order to provide a scientific understanding of minerals as well as their description and identification.

So great has been the expansion of research on layered silicates that a separate volume (3A, 2003) was devoted entirely to micas and another (3C), entirely for clay minerals will also be published.

Rock-Forming Minerals is an essential reference work for professionals, researchers and postgraduate students in Earth science and related fields in chemistry, physics, engineering, environmental and soil sciences.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-259-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-259-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 328
Weight: 0.81 kg


Abbreviations and Symbols
Preface to the first Edition
Preface to the Second Edition





Gordon Cressey

This second edition highlights the many advances that have been made in the understanding and
importance of the layer silicates talc, chlorite and serpentine in the 45 years since the publication of
the first edition of DHZ Sheet Silicates. As with all DHZ updates, this is a reliable and authoritative work, such as has become associated with these authors for the compilation of a major knowledge base on important rock-forming mineral groups.

For research students, this volume provides an excellent education and bank of references with
which to progress into an in-depth study. Like the other DHZ volumes, this book provides a valuable
reference source and a refresher course for any seasoned mineralogist, as well as providing a
starting point for anyone launching into research on this group of minerals for the first time.

Readers will benefit from the wisdom and experience behind this compilation, and as such, it reflects the
current state of knowledge of the important layered silicate minerals. This is yet another work of dedication, ready to serve both a new generation of young mineralogists and those experienced in the field.

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