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European Coal Geology

Product Code: SP082
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by M K G Whateley & D A Spears
Publication Date: 30 January 1995
£ 90.00
List price: £ 90.00
Fellow's price: £ 45.00
Other societies price: £ 54.00

Stratigraphic Evolution of Foreland Basins

Product Code: ES452
Series: SEPM Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited By: Steven L. Dorobek and Gerald M. Ross
Publication Date: 04 January 1995
£ 28.75
List price: £ 28.75
Fellow's price: £ 23.00
Other societies price: £ 17.50

Aberystwyth District

Product Code: GA054
Series: GA Guides
Author/Editor: M R Dobson
Publication Date: 01 January 1995
£ 12.00
List price: £ 12.00
Fellow's price: £ 9.00

William Smith's Cross Sections, 1819 (wallchart)

Product Code: MPB25
Series: William Smith Map Prints and Publications
Author/Editor: John Fuller
Publication Date: 01 January 1995
£ 16.80
List price: £ 16.80

Sequence Stratigraphy of Foreland Basin Deposits- Memoir 64 CD

Product Code: 146
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by J.C. Van Wagoner and G.T. Bertram
Publication Date: 01 January 1995
£ 29.40
List price: £ 29.40

Milankovitch Sea-Level Changes, Cycles, and Reservoirs on Carbonate Platforms...

Product Code: ES635
Series: SEPM Short Course notes
Author/Editor: By J.F. Read, Charles Kerans, L. James Weber, J.F. Sarg & Frank M. Wright
Publication Date: 01 January 1995
£ 33.00
List price: £ 33.00
Fellow's price: £ 28.25
Other societies price: £ 23.25

Eastern and Central Jamaica

Product Code: GA053
Series: GA Guides
Author/Editor: S K Donovan, T A Jackson, H L Dixon & E N Doyle
Publication Date: 01 January 1995
£ 7.00
List price: £ 7.00
Fellow's price: £ 5.00

Unconformities and Porosity in Carbonate Strata - Memoir 63 CD

Product Code: 1012
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by David A. Budd, Arthur H. Saller and Paul M. Harris
Publication Date: 01 January 1995
£ 34.80
List price: £ 34.80

Russian Style Formation Evaluation

Product Code: MPB16
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles
Author/Editor: Edited by B Harrison
Publication Date: 01 October 1994
Out of print

Deformation Mechanisms: Rheology and Tectonics - paperback

Product Code: SPC54
Series: GSL Special Publication Classics
Author/Editor: Edited by R J Knipe & E H Rutter
Publication Date: 05 September 1994
Out of print
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