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Investigation, Remediation and Protection of Land Resources

Product Code: WH003
Series: Whittles Publishing
Author/Editor: By Dieter D. Genske
Publication Date: 01 January 2007
£ 60.00
List price: £ 60.00
Fellow's price: £ 48.00

The Gulf of Corinth

Product Code: MPCRN
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By Mike Leeder, Julian Andrews, Richard Collier, Rob Gawthorpe, Lisa McNeill, Clive Portman, Peter Rowe
Publication Date: 31 December 2006
£ 24.95
List price: £ 24.95
Fellow's price: £ 22.45

Channel Flow, Ductile Extrusion and Exhumation in Continental Collision Zones

Product Code: SP268
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by R D Law, M P Searle and L Godin
Publication Date: 07 December 2006
£ 125.00
List price: £ 125.00
Fellow's price: £ 62.50
Other societies price: £ 75.00

Statistics in Volcanology

Product Code: IAV001
Series: IAVCEI Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by H M Mader, S G Coles, C B Connor and L J Connor
Publication Date: 27 November 2006
£ 85.00
List price: £ 85.00
Fellow's price: £ 51.00
Other societies price: £ 42.50

Non-Marine Permian Biostratigraphy and Biochronology

Product Code: SP265
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by S G Lucas, G Cassinis and J W Schneider
Publication Date: 27 November 2006
£ 85.00
List price: £ 85.00
Fellow's price: £ 42.50
Other societies price: £ 51.00

Geological Studies in the Klamath Mountains Province, California and Oregon: A Volume in Honor of William P. Irwin

Product Code: USPE410
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Edited by Arthur W. Snoke and Calvin G. Barnes
Publication Date: 20 November 2006
£ 41.00
List price: £ 41.00

Bedforms and Cross-Bedding in Animation (DVD)

Product Code: ES562
Series: SEPM Atlas of Sedimentology
Author/Editor: Edited by by David M. Rubin and Carissa L. Carter
Publication Date: 11 November 2006
£ 55.80
List price: £ 55.80
Fellow's price: £ 47.40
Other societies price: £ 39.00

Geology of Iraq, The

Product Code: IRAQ
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: Edited by Saad Z Jassim and Jeremy C Goff
Publication Date: 03 November 2006
£ 125.00
List price: £ 125.00

Mechanisms of Activity and Unrest at Large Calderas

Product Code: SP269
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by C Troise, G De Natale and C R J Kilburn
Publication Date: 30 October 2006
£ 75.00
List price: £ 75.00
Fellow's price: £ 37.50
Other societies price: £ 45.00

The Geology of England and Wales, 2nd edition (Hardback)

Product Code: GOEWH
Series: GSL Geology of
Author/Editor: Edited by P J Brenchley & P F Rawson
Publication Date: 27 October 2006
Out of print

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