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'Strata' Smith: His Two Hundred Year Legacy. Digitally Enhanced Maps and Sections by William Smith, George Bellas Greenough, John Cary and Richard Thomas 1796 - 1840 (DVD)

Product Code: WSDVD
Series: William Smith Map Prints and Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by P Wigley, P Dolan, T Sharpe and H S Torrens
Publication Date: 30 September 2007
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William Smith has often been declared to be the ‘Father of English Stratigraphy’. Smith conceived stratigraphy in 3D but endeavoured to represent his concept in 2D on his remarkable 1815 map, A delineation of the strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland. Almost two hundred years later his original maps and sections have been digitized and combined with remote sensing data. For the first time we can see Smith’s maps in 3D, and thereby better appreciate what was going through his mind, as well as being able to compare them with Greenough’s subsequent maps. An example of John Cary’s magnificent 1796 base map of England and Wales, without which Smith could never have completed his own map, is also included.

The maps have been built into a GIS and can be viewed using ESRI’s ArcReader software. The maps are accompanied by a report describing sources, notes on the maps of Smith and Greenough and a technical appendix.

Compatible for Windows XP/2000. Please note Macintosh platforms are not supported.

Type: DVD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-244-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-244-1
Publisher: GSL
Weight: 0.12 kg


Sources of Maps, Sections and Other Documents (T. Sharpe)
Sources of maps and sections
Smith’s maps
Smith map issues
Map “100”
Map “Y”
Greenough’s maps
Greenough 1st edition, 1819 [1820] No 83
Greenough 1st edition, 1839 [1840] No 178
Geological sections
Smith’s Geological Table of British Organized Fossils
John Cary’s 1796 Reduction

Modern Remote Sensing Data Sources

Notes on The Maps Of William Smith (1815 Onwards), George Bellas Greenough (1820 & 1840), and John Cary (1794 & 1796) (H. S. Torrens)
Pioneer of Mineral Prospecting
What makes a map ‘geological’?
John Cary
Smith in trouble
The Greenough Map
Smith’s achievement


Using The Maps (P. Wigley)
Map files
Navigating the maps

Processing Sequence (P. Wigley)
Photography and scanning
Image Processing
GIS Processing
Projections and Georectification
Remote sensing data
Data compression

Arcreader Hardware and System Requirements





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