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Women and Geology: Who are we, where have we come from, and where are we going?

Product Code: UMWR214
Series: GSA Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Beth A. Johnson
Publication Date: 14 July 2018
£ 46.25
List price: £ 46.25
Fellow's price: £ 32.30

Mountains: The origins of the Earth’s mountain systems

Product Code: MPMNT
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: Graham Park
Publication Date: 14 November 2017
£ 29.99
List price: £ 29.99
Fellow's price: £ 26.99

Terrestrial Conservation Lagerstätten: Windows into the Evolution of Life on Land

Product Code: MPTCL
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: Edited by Nicholas C. Fraser and Hands-Dieter Sues
Publication Date: 14 November 2017
£ 165.00
List price: £ 165.00
Fellow's price: £ 148.50

Geology and Medicine: Historical Connections

Product Code: SP452
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by C.J. Duffin, C. Gardner-Thorpe and R.T.J. Moody
Publication Date: 06 July 2017
£ 100.00
List price: £ 100.00
Fellow's price: £ 50.00
Other societies price: £ 60.00

History of Geoscience: Celebrating 50 Years of INHIGEO

Product Code: SP442
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by W. Mayer, R.M. Clary, L.F. Azuela, T.S. Mota and S. Wołkowicz
Publication Date: 06 June 2017
£ 120.00
List price: £ 120.00
Fellow's price: £ 60.00
Other societies price: £ 72.00

Geoecology of the Marias River Canyon, Montana, USA: Landscape Influence on Human Use and Preservation of Late Holocene Archaeological and Vertebrate Remains

Product Code: USPE528
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: By James G. Schmitt, John W. Fisher Jr., Michael P. Neeley, David F. Pac, Frankie D. Jackson, Scott J. Patterson, Jennifer L. Aschoff, and Stuart Challender
Publication Date: 07 April 2017
£ 30.00
List price: £ 30.00
Fellow's price: £ 20.00

Unconventional: The Development of Natural Gas from the Marcellus Shale

Product Code: USPE527
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: By Daniel J. Soeder
Publication Date: 04 April 2017
£ 42.50
List price: £ 42.50
Fellow's price: £ 29.25

Anomalies - Pioneering Women in Petroleum Geology: 1917-2017

Product Code: 1289
Series: AAPG Special Volumes
Author/Editor: by Robbie Rice Gries
Publication Date: 01 March 2017
£ 29.99
List price: £ 29.99

GeoBritannica: Geological landscapes and the British peoples

Product Code: MPGEOB
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By Mike Leeder & Joy Lawlor
Publication Date: 28 November 2016
£ 24.99
List price: £ 24.99
Fellow's price: £ 22.49

Tracks, Trails, and Thieves: The Adventures, Discoveries, and Historical Significance of Ferdinand V. Hayden’s 1868 Geological Survey of Wyoming and Adjacent Territories

Product Code: USPE521
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: By Jack E. Deibert and Brent H. Breithaupt
Publication Date: 15 August 2016
£ 21.50
List price: £ 21.50
Fellow's price: £ 14.25

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