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Geological hazards - home and away

Episode 11

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 seismogram-resized.jpgGeological hazards affect communities all over the world. In Britain, we are relatively safe. But have we always been? And will we always be in the future?

We have seen several devastating earthquakes in recent years, which has led some to question whether they could have been predicted by the scientific community. Ian Main, Professor of Seismology and Rock Physics at the University of Edinburgh, explains the complexities of earthquake prediction, and what geologists can do to help communities prepare in other ways.

Closer to home, Martin Culshaw, former Director of Environment and Hazards at the British Geological Survey, talks about what geological hazards are currently faced by the UK. In the past, the UK was a much more volatile place. Could it be so again? And with our changing climate, could geological hazards become more frequent in the near future?