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Ground shaking research

Episode 7

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 conception.jpgThis year’s Wollaston Medal, the highest award of the Geological Society, was presented to Professor Richard Sibson of the University of Otago, for his pioneering work on earthquakes and faulting processes. In a year when earthquakes have been at the top of the news agenda, he explains why they appear to be getting worse, and how our understanding of earthquakes and their causes have changed in the last 200 years.

And in part two of our dinosaur double bill, Geological Society Honorary Fellow and world famous palaeontologist Professor Xu Xing joins UCL postgrad student Michael Pittman to explain their search for new dinosaur specimens. Having already discovered some 40 new species, Professor Xu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is hunting for more evidence to explain the evolution of birds from dinosaurs. As well as explaining the evidence for this theory, he shares his aspirations for future discoveries, and some of his favourites so far.