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Engineering of Glacial Deposits

Product Code: MPEGD
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: By Barry G Clarke
Publication Date: 23 June 2017
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Published by CRC Press. Distributed by GSL from July 2018.

At some time 30% of the world’s land mass was covered by glaciers leaving substantial deposits of glacial soils under major conurbations in Europe, North and South America, New Zealand, Europe and Russia. For instance, 60% of the UK has been affected, leaving significant glacial deposits under major conurbations where two thirds of the population live.
Glacial soils are composite soils with significant variations in composition and properties and are recognised as challenging soils to deal with. Understanding the environment in which they were formed and how this affects their behaviour are critical because they do not always conform to classic theories of soil mechanics.
This book is aimed at designers and contractors working in the construction and extractive industries to help them mitigate construction hazards on, with or in glacial deposits. These soils increase risks to critical infrastructure which, in the UK includes the majority of the road and rail network, coastal defences such as the fastest eroding coastline in Europe and most of the water supply reservoirs.
It brings together many years of experience of research into the behaviour of glacial deposits drawing upon published and unpublished case studies from industry. It draws on recent developments in understanding of the geological processes and the impact they have upon the engineering properties, construction processes and performance of geotechnical structures. Unlike other books on glaciation it brings together all the relevant disciplines in earth sciences and engineering to make it directly relevant to the construction industry.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780415398657
Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 504
Weight: 1.33 kg


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Glacial Geology

Chapter 3 Ground Investigation

Chapter 4 Characterisation of Glacial Soils

Chapter 5 Earthworks – Slopes, Cuttings, Embankments and Tunnels

Chapter 6 Geotechnical Structures – Spread Foundations, Piled Foundations and Retaining Structures

Chapter 7 Recommendations


Appendix 1 Symbols

Appendix 2 Glossary


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