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Geology on Your Doorstep: The role of urban geology in earth heritage conservation

Product Code: MPB27
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M.R. Bennett, P. Doyle, J.G. Larwood, and C.D. Prosser
Publication Date: 04 April 1996
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The rocks and landforms of Britain contain a unique story; a story of mountain building, climate change and the evolution of life. Only by conserving these rocks and landforms can we tell this amazing story. Conservation is about education and raising public awareness. To be successfully conserved, geology must be valued not just by a handful of geologists, but by all. Over 80% of the population in the United Kingdom live in urban areas: it is to these people that we must take the message of geology if we are to conserve our earth heritage. The geological potential of urban areas has long been documented and described. However, its conservation and use in raising public awareness of geology is a relatively new initiative. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-54-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-54-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Weight: 0.7 kg


List of contributors • Preface • Acknowledgements • Part One: The rationale and scope of earth heritage conservation in urban areas • The rationale for earth heritage conservation and the role of urban geology,  M.R. Bennett & P. Doyle • Urban geology: mapping it out, T. J. Charsley • The nature of the urban geological resource: an overview, J. G. Larwood & C. D. Prosser • The changing nature of the urban earth heritage site resource, S. M. lngham, P. Doyle & M. R. Bennett • Part Two: The nature of the urban geological resource Building stones as an urban geological resource • The paths of glory, E. Robinson • Heathen, xenoliths and enclaves: kerbstone petrology in Kentish, Town, London R. Mason • Parks and open spaces as an urban geological resource • The evolution of planning and use of urban parks and open spaces in Britain, M. Mc Gibbon • Creating urban geology: a record of Victorian innovation in park design, P. Doyle, M. R. Bennett & E. Robinson • Geomorphological conservation: opportunities afforded in Greater Bristol, E. J. Pounder • Museums as an urban geological resource • Museums: a focus for urban geology and geological site conservation,  J. G. Larwood & K. N. Page • Museums: a timeless urban resource for the geologist? S. Knell • Urban geology and civil engineering • Digging up your doorstep: engineers and their excavations, G. J. Worton • Opportunity docks: a case study of earth science conservation in an urban development, G. R. Fenwick & S. G. McLean • Part Three: Awareness and use of the urban geological resource • The role of the local authority • Local geology and local authorities, E. A. Jarzembowski • A code of practice for geology and development in the urban environment, C. Reid • Urban geology and education • Urban geology and the National Curriculum, D. Hawley • A version of the 'The Wall Game' in Battersea Park, E. Robinson • Exeter and Norwich: their urban geology compared during medieval, Victorian and Edwardian periods, J. Dove • Increasing public awareness and involvement • Earth science sites in urban areas: the lessons from wildlife conservation G. M. A. Barker • Shifting the focus: a framework for community participation in earth heritage conservation in urban areas, G. Carson & M. Harley • The role of the regional geological society in urban geological conservation, A. Cutler • Geotourism, or can tourists become casual rock hounds? T. A. Hose • Geology and the media, A. Grayson • Part Four: Creating an urban geological resource • The introduction of geology into the urban environment: principles and methods, M. R. Bennett & P Doyle • Index 


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