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UK Oil & Gas Fields Commemorative Millennium Volume (CD)

Product Code: M20CD
Series: GSL Memoirs - CD
Author/Editor: Edited by J G Gluyas & H M Hichens
Publication Date: 08 October 2005
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CD version of Memoir 20 (M0020).

Memoir 20 is the most comprehensive reference work on the UK's oil and gas fields available. It updates and substantially extends Memoir 14 (1991), United Kingdom Oil and Gas Fields, one of the Geological Society's best-selling books. This new edition contains updates on many of the aging giant fields, as well as entries for fields either undiscovered or undeveloped when Memoir 14 was published.

The book is divided into nine parts covering the major petroleum provinces both offshore and onshore United Kingdom, from the Gas Basin in the southern North Sea to the Viking Graben in the northern North Sea, from the Atlantic Frontier to the Irish Sea and from the Wessex Basin to the East Midlands. Each part contains a reference map showing field locations. The introductory chapters reveal the stories behind the major plays and discoveries therein, and their tectonic and stratigraphic framework. There are two appendices: tabulated field data and a comprehensive list for all of the UK's 300+ oil and gas fields.

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-185-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-185-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 0
Weight: 0.40 kg


UK Oil and Gas Fields - An Overview, J Gluyas and H M Hichens
• Lessons from oil and gas exploration in and around Britain, R F P Hardman
• The tectonic and stratigraphic framework of the United Kingdom's oil and gas fields, J Underhill
• The Douglas Oil Field, Block 110/13b, East Irish Sea, A Yaliz and N McKim
• The Hamilton and Hamilton North Gas Fields, Block 110/13a, East Irish Sea, A Yaliz and P Taylor
• The Lennox Oil and Gas Field, Block 110/15, East Irish Sea, A Yaliz and T Chapman
• The North Morecambe Field, Block 110/2a, East Irish Sea, G Cowan and T Boycott-Brown
• The South Morecambe Gas Field, Blocks 110/2a, 110/3a, 110/7a and 110/8a, East Irish Sea, J C Bastin, T Boycott-Brown, A Sims and R Woodhouse
• The Foinaven Field, Blocks 204/19, 204/24a, UK North Sea, A G Carruth
• The Andrew and Cyrus Fields, Blocks 16/27a, 16/28, UK North Sea, J E Jolley
• The Armada development, UK Central North Sea: The Fleming, Drake and Hawkins Gas-Condensate Fields, I A Stuart
• The Beryl Field, Block 9/13, UK North Sea, R M Karasek, R L Vaughan and T T Masuda
• The Birch Oil Field, Block 16/12a, UK North Sea, J Hook, A Abhvani, J Gluyas and M Lawlor
• The Central Brae Field, Blocks 16/07a, 16/07b, UK North Sea, K J Fletcher
• The East Brae Field, Blocks 16/03a, 16/03b, UK North Sea, S R F Branter
• The North Brae and Beinn Fields, Block 16/7a, UK North Sea, J A Brehm
• The South Brae Field, Blocks 16/07a, 16/07b, UK North Sea, K J Fletcher
• The West Brae and Sedgwick Fields, Blocks 16/06a, 16/07a, UK North Sea, S D Wright
• The Brent Field, Block 211/29, UK North Sea, S R Taylor, J Almond, S Arnott, D Kemshell and D Taylor
• The Deveron Field, Block 211/18a, UK North Sea, A M Brown and A D Milne
• The Don Field, Blocks 211/13a, 211/14, 211/18a, 211/19a, UK North Sea, A D Milne and A M Brown
• The Dunbar, Ellon and Grant Fields (Alwyn South Area), Blocks 3/8a, 3/9b, 3/13a, 3/14, 3/15, UK North Sea, J S Ritchie
• The Harding Field, Block 9/23b, A J Beckly, T Nash, R Pollard, C Bruce, P Freeman and G Page
• The Heather Field, Block 2/5, UK North Sea, S Kay
• The Kingfisher Field, Block 16/8a, UK North Sea, S Spence and H Kreutz
• The North Cormorant Field, Block 211/21a, UK North Sea, L Bater
• The Staffa Field, Block 3/8b, UK North Sea, J Gluyas and J Underhill
• The Statfjord Field, Block 33/9, 33/12 Norwegian sector, Block 211/24, 211/25 UK sector, Northern North Sea, K A Gibbons, C A Jourdan and J Hesthammer
• The Strathspey Field, Block 3/4a, UK North Sea, G Maxwell, R E Stanley and D C White
• The T-Block Fields, Block 16/17, UK North Sea, M Gambaro and V Donagemma
• The Thistle Field, Blocks 211/18a, 211/19a UK North Sea, A M Brown, A D Milne and A Kay
• The Balmoral, Glamis and Stirling Fields, Block 16/21, UK Central North Sea, M Gambaro and M Currie
• The Britannia Field, Blocks 15/29a, 15/30, 16/26, 16/27a, 16/27b, UK North Sea, P J Hill and A J Palfrey
• The Captain Field, Block 13/22a, UK North Sea, S J Pinnock and A R J Clitheroe
• The Ivanhoe, Rob Roy and Hamish Fields, Block 15/21, UK North Sea, M A Harvey and S Currie
• The MacCulloch Field, Block 15/24b, UK North Sea, C Gunn, J A Macleod, P Salvador and J Tomkinson
• The Scott Field, Blocks 15/21a & 15/22, UK North Sea, S Guscott, K Russell, A Thickpenny and R Poddubiuk
• The Auk Field, Block 30/16, UK North Sea, N H Trewin, S G Fryberger and H Kreutz
• The Banff Field, Blocks 22/27a, 29/2a, UK North Sea, N Evans, J A Macleod, N Macmillan, P Rorison and P Salvador
• The Curlew Field, Block 29/7, UK North Sea, G Eneyok, P Bussink and A Maan
• The Erskine Field, Block 23/26, UK North Sea, R N Coward
• The Fife and Fergus Fields, Block 31/26a, UK North Sea, M Shepherd, A Macgregor, K Bush and J Wakefield
• The Flora Field, Blocks 31/26a, 31/26c, UK North Sea, R D Hayward, C A L Martin, D Harrison, G Van Dort, S Guthrie and N Padget
• The Forties and Brimmond Fields, Blocks 21/10, 22/6a, UK North Sea, A Carter and J Heale
• The Fulmar Field, Blocks 30/1b, 30/11b UK North Sea, O Kuhn, S W Smith, K Van Noort and B Loiseau
• The Maureen Field, Block 16/29a, UK Central North Sea, P M Chandler and B Dickinson
• The Moira Field, Block 16/29a, UK Central North Sea, P M Chandler and B Dickinson
• The Montrose, Arbroath and Arkwright Fields, Blocks 22/17, 22/18, 22/23a, UK North Sea, A J C Hogg
• The Nelson Field, Blocks 22/11, 22/6a, 22/7, 22/12a, UK North Sea, J M Kunda, G Williams, B Cullen, J Boyd-Gorst, G R Dyer, J A Garnham, A Warnock, J Wardell, A Davis and P Lynes
• The Pierce Field, Blocks 23/22a, 23/27, UK North Sea, P Birch, J Haynes
• The Barque Field, Blocks 48/13a, 48/14, UK North Sea, M J Sarginson
• The Boulton Field, Block 44/21a, UK North Sea, A M Conway and C Valvatne
• The Camelot Field, Blocks 53/1a and 53/2, UK North Sea, R M Karasek and J R Hunt
• The Clipper Field, Blocks 48/19a, 48/19c, UK North Sea, M J Sarginson
• The Corvette Field, Block 49/24, UK Southern North Sea, A P Hillier
• The Davy, Bessemer, Beaufort and Brown Fields, Blocks 49/23, 49/30a, 49/30c, 53/5a, UK North Sea, C W McCrone
• The Gawain Field, Block 49/24, 49/29a, UK North Sea, R A Osbon, O C Werngren, A Kyei, D Manley and J Six
• The Guinevere Field, Block 48/17b, UK North Sea, M Lappin, D J Hendry and I A Saikia
• The Hewett Fields: Blocks 48/28a, 48/29, 48/30, 52/4a, 52/5a, UK North Sea: Hewett, Deborah, Big Dotty, Little Dotty, Della, Dawn and Delilah Fields, P Cooke-Yarborough and E Smith
• The Indefatigable Field, Blocks 49/18, 49/19, 49/23, 49/24, UK North Sea, C W McCrone, M Gainski and P J Lumsden
• The Johnston Gas Field, Blocks 43/26a, 43/27a, UK Southern North Sea, D E Lawton and P P Roberson
• The Leman Field, Blocks 49/26, 49/27, 49/28, 53/1, 53/2, UK North Sea, A P Hillier
• The Malory Field, Block 48/12d, UK North Sea, R E O'Brien, M Lappin, F Komlosi and J A Loftus
• The Mercury and Neptune Fields, Blocks 47/9b, 47/4b, 47/5a, 42/29, UK North Sea, B Smith and V Starcher
• The Murdoch Gas Field, Block 44/22a, UK Southern North Sea, A M Conway and C Valvatne
• The Pickerill Field, Blocks 48/11a, 48/11b, 48/12c, 48/17b, UK North Sea, O C Werngren, D Manley and A P Heward
• The Schooner Field, Blocks 44/26a, 43/30a, UK North Sea, A Moscariello
• The Sean North, Sean South and Sean East Fields, Block 49/25a, UK North Sea, A P Hillier
• The Trent Gas Field, Block 43/24a, UK North Sea, P T O'Mara, M Merryweather, M Stockwell and M M Bowler
• The Tyne Gas Fields, Block 44/18a, UK North Sea, P T O'Mara, M Merryweather and D S Cooper
• The V-Fields, Blocks 49/16, 49/21, 48/20a, 48/25b, UK North Sea, J Courtier and H Riches
• The Viking Field, Blocks 49/12a, 49/16, 49/17, UK North Sea, H Riches
• The Waveney Field, Block 48/17c, UK Southern North Sea, D Bruce and P Rebora
• The Windermere Gas Field, Blocks 49/9b, 49/4a, UK Southern North Sea, R J Bailey and J E Clever
• The Hatfield Moors and Hatfield West Gas (storage) Fields, South Yorkshire, J Ward, A Chan and B Ramsay
• The Saltfleetby Field, Block L 47/16, Licence PEDL 005, Onshore UK, T Hodge
• The West Firsby Oilfield, Development Licence 003, Lincolnshire, R J Bailey
• The Humbly Grove, Herriard, Storrington, Singleton, Stockbridge, Goodworth, Palmers Wood, Bletchingley and Albury Fields, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex, UK Onshore, S Trueman
• The Kimmeridge Bay Oilfield, Dorset, UK Onshore, J Gluyas, I J Evans and D Richards


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