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Volcanism in Antarctica: 200 Million Years of Subduction, Rifting and Continental Break-up

Product Code: M0055
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J.L. Smellie, K.S. Panter, A. Geyer
Publication Date: 09 June 2021
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Memoir 55

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This memoir is the first to review all of Antarctica’s volcanism between 200 million years ago and the Present. The region is still volcanically active. The volume is an amalgamation of in-depth syntheses, which are presented within distinctly different tectonic settings. Each is described in terms of (1) the volcanology and eruptive palaeoenvironments; (2) petrology and origin of magma; and (3) active volcanism, including tephrochronology. Important volcanic episodes include: astonishingly voluminous mafic and felsic volcanic deposits associated with the Jurassic break-up of Gondwana; the construction and progressive demise of a major Jurassic to Present continental arc, including back-arc alkaline basalts and volcanism in a young ensialic marginal basin; Miocene to Pleistocene mafic volcanism associated with post-subduction slab-window formation; numerous Neogene alkaline volcanoes, including the massive Erebus volcano and its persistent phonolitic lava lake, that are widely distributed within and adjacent to one of the world’s major zones of lithospheric extension (the West Antarctic Rift System); and very young ultrapotassic volcanism erupted subglacially and forming a world-wide type example (Gaussberg).

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Published on the Lyell Collection 27/05/2021. 

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205360
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 816
Weight: 2.6 kg



Smellie, J. L., Panter, K. S. and Geyer, A. Introduction to volcanism in Antarctica: 200 million years of subduction, rifting and continental break-up

Section 1: Tectonic history and overview

Storey, B. C. and Granot, R. Chapter 1.1 Tectonic history of Antarctica over the past 200 million years

Smellie, J. L. Chapter 1.2 Antarctic volcanism: volcanology and palaeoenvironmental overview

Panter, K. S. Chapter 1.3 Antarctic volcanism: petrology and tectonomagmatic overview

Geyer, A. Chapter 1.4 Antarctic volcanism: active volcanism overview

Section 2: Gondwana break-up volcanism

Elliot, D. H., White, J. D. L. and Fleming, T. H. Chapter 2.1a Ferrar Large Igneous Province: volcanology

Elliot, D. H. and Fleming, T. H. Chapter 2.1b Ferrar Large Igneous Province: petrology

Riley, T. R. and Leat, P. T. Chapter 2.2a Palmer Land and Graham Land Volcanic Groups (Antarctic Peninsula): volcanology

Riley, T. R. and Leat, P. T. Chapter 2.2b Palmer Land and Graham L and Volcanic Groups (Antarctic Peninsula): petrology

Luttinen, A.V. Chapter 2.3 Dronning Maud Land Jurassic volcanism: volcanology and petrology

Section 3: Subduction-related volcanism

Leat, P. T. and Riley, T. R. Chapter 3.1a Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands: volcanology

Leat, P. T. and Riley, T. T. Chapter 3.1b Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands: petrology

Smellie, J. L. Chapter 3.2a Bransfield Strait and James Ross Island: volcanology

Haase, K. M. and Beier, C. Chapter 3.2b Bransfield Strait and James Ross Island: petrology

Section 4: Post-subduction, slab-window volcanism

Smellie, J. L. and Hole, M. J. Chapter 4.1a Antarctic Peninsula: volcanology

Hole, M. J. Chapter 4.1b Antarctic Peninsula: petrology

Section 5: Continental extension-related volcanism

Smellie, J. L. and Rocchi, S. Chapter 5.1a Northern Victoria Land: volcanology

Rocchi, S. and Smellie, J. L. Chapter 5.1b Northern Victoria Land: petrology

Smellie, J. L. and Martin, A. P. Chapter 5.2a Erebus Volcanic Province: volcanology

Martin, A. P., Cooper, A. F., Price, R. C., Kyle, P. R. and Gamble, J. A. Chapter 5.2b Erebus Volcanic Province: petrology

Smellie, J. L., Panter, K. S. and Reindel, J. Chapter 5.3a Mount Early and Sheridan Bluff: volcanology

Panter, K. S., Reindel, J. and Smellie, J. L. Chapter 5.3b Mount Early and Sheridan Bluff: petrology

Wilch, T. I., McIntosh, W. C. and Panter, K. S. Chapter 5.4a Marie Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land: volcanology

Panter, K. S., Wilch, T. I., Smellie, J. L., Kyle, P. R. and McIntosh, W. C. Chapter 5.4b Marie Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land: petrology

Smellie, J. L. and Collerson, K. D. Chapter 5.5 Gaussberg: volcanology and petrology

Section 6: Tephra record

Di Roberto, A., Del Carlo, P. and Pompilio, M. Chapter 6.1 Marine record of Antarctic volcanism from drill cores

Narcisi, B. and Petit, J. R. Chapter 6.2 Englacial tephras of East Antarctica

Section 7: Active volcanoes

Geyer, A., Pedrazzi, D., Almendros, J., Berrocoso, M., López-Martínez, J., Maestro, A., Carmona, E., Álvarez-Valero, A. M. and de Gil, A. Chapter 7.1 Deception Island

Sims, K. W. W., Aster, R. C., Gaetani, G., Blichert-Toft, J., Phillips, E. H., Wallace, P. J., Mattioli, G. S., Rasmussen, D. and Boyd, E. S. Chapter 7.2 Mount Erebus

Gambino, S., Armienti, P., Cannata, A., del Carlo, P., Giudice, G., Giuffrida, G., Liuzzo, M. and Pompilio, M. Chapter 7.3 Mount Melbourne and Mount Rittmann

Dunbar, N. W., Iverson, N. A., Smellie, J. L., McIntosh, W. C., Zimmerer, M. J. and Kyle, P. R. Chapter 7.4 Active volcanoes in Marie Byrd Land

Quartini, E., Blankenship, D. D. and Young, D. A. Chapter 7.5 Active subglacial volcanism in West Antarctica



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