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United Kingdom Oil and Gas Fields: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Volume

Product Code: M0052
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G. Goffey & J.G. Gluyas
Publication Date: 03 December 2020
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Memoir 52

Geological Society Memoir 52 records the extraordinary 50+ year journey that has led to the development of some 458 oil and gas fields on the UKCS. It contains papers on almost 150 onshore and offshore fields in all of the UK’s main petroliferous basins. These papers range from look-backs on some of the first-developed gas fields in the Southern North Sea, to papers on fields that have only just been brought into production or may still remain undeveloped, and includes two candidate CO2 sequestration projects. 

These papers are intended to provide a consistent summary of the exploration, appraisal, development and production history of each field, leading to the current subsurface understanding which is described in greater detail. As such the Memoir will be an enduring reference source for those exploring for, developing, producing hydrocarbons and sequestering CO2 on the UKCS in the coming decades. It encapsulates the petroleum industry’s deep subsurface knowledge accrued over more than 50 years of exploration and production.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 30/10/2020. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204752
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 1076
Weight: 3.45 kg


Foreword by A.G. Doré

Goffey, G., Gluyas, J. & Schofield, N. UK oil and gas fields: an overview
King, L. The UK North Sea: a history of oil and gas
Rouillard, P., Bagley, G., Moseley, D., Myers, K. & Harding, A. UKCS exploration: 50 years and counting

Section 1: Onshore UK
Ward, K. L. & Folorunso, F. O. The Corringham, Gainsborough–Beckingham, Glentworth, Nettleham, Stainton and Welton fields, UK Onshore
Johnson, M. & Evans, G. J. The Crosby Warren Field, Block DL001, UK Onshore
Hampson, M., Martin, H., Craddock, L., Wood, T. & Rylands, E. The Elswick Field, Bowland Basin, UK Onshore
Gluyas, J. G., De-Paola, N., Imber, J., Jezierski, T. M., Jones, R. R., Jordan, P., McCaffrey, K. J. W., Nielsen, S., Pongthunya, P., Satterley, A., Sowter, A., Wilkinson, M. & Moors, A. The Humbly Grove, Herriard and Hester’s Copse fields, UK Onshore
Harrison, D., Haarhoff, M., Heath-Clarke, M., Hodgson, W., Hughes, F., Ware, D. & Mortimer, A. The Vale of Pickering gas fields: Kirby Misperton, Malton, Marishes and Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK Onshore

Section 2: Southern North Sea
Phipps, R. M. & Tiltman, C. J. The Babbage Field, Block 48/2a, UK North Sea
Nwachukwu, C. M., Barnett, Z. & Gluyas, J. G. The Breagh Field, Blocks 42/12a, 42/13a and 42/8a, UK North Sea
Rieu, R. & Porter, R. J. The Carrack Field, Blocks 49/14b, 49/15a and 49/15b, UK North Sea
Wasielka, N., Gluyas, J. G., Breese, H. & Symonds, R. The Cavendish Field, Block 43/19, UK North Sea
Smit, W. Chiswick and Kew fields, Blocks 49/4a, 49/4b, 49/4c, 49/5a and 49/5b, UK North Sea
Dredge, I. & Marsden, G. The Cygnus Field, Blocks 44/11a and 44/12a, UK North Sea
Gluyas, J. G. & Bagudu, U. The Endurance CO2 storage site, Blocks 42/25 and 43/21, UK North Sea
Verlinden, V. W. J. & Basford, H. The Ensign Field, Blocks 48/14a, 48/15a and 48/15b, UK North Sea 
van Oorschot, R., Smit, W. & Glebova, A. The Grove Field, Blocks 49/10a, 49/9c, 49/10c, UK North Sea
Hook, J. A. The Hewett Field, Blocks 48/28a, 48/29a, 48/30a, 52/4a and 52/5a, UK North Sea
Hook, J. A. The Hewett Field satellites: Big Dotty, Little Dotty, Deborah, Della, Dawn and Delilah, Blocks 48/29a, 48/30a, UK North Sea
Offer, D. J. The Juliet Field, Block 47/14b, UK North Sea
Moscariello, A. & Goffey, G. The Ketch, Schooner and Topaz fields, Blocks 44/26, 44/28, 49/1a and 49/2a, UK North Sea
Milner, P. A., Whailing, P. J., Ridings, J. & Gill, J. The Kilmar Field, Block 43/22a, UK North Sea
Botman, R. J. & van Lier, J. The Sean fields, Block 49/25a, UK North Sea
Miles, A., Allen, M., Fairweather, L., Hilton, J., Sloan, H. & Zapico-Palmero, P. The Tolmount Field, Block 42/28d, UK North Sea
Anston-Race, S. E. & Ganesh, D. The Viking Fields, Blocks 49/11d, 49/12a, 49/16a, 49/16c, 49/17a, UK North Sea
Huis In’t Veld, R., Schrijver, B. & Salzwedel, A. The Wingate Field, Blocks 44/23b, 44/24b and 44/19f, UK North Sea

Section 3: East Irish Sea
Bunce, J. The Douglas Field, Block 110/13b, UK East Irish Sea
Bunce, J. The Lennox Field, Blocks 110/14c and 110/15a, UK East Irish Sea
Patroni Zavala, J. A., Taylor, M., Tiltman, C. J. & Sime, N. G. The Rhyl Field, Block 113/27b, UK East Irish Sea

Section 4: Central North Sea
Hagen, F., Gluyas, J. G. & Goffey, G. The Acorn and Beechnut fields, Blocks 29/8a(S), 29/8b, 29/9a(S) and 29/9b, UK North Sea
Tang, L., Gluyas, J. G., Jones, S. & Besly, B. The Alma (formerly Argyll/Ardmore) Field, Blocks 30/24 and 30/25a, UK North Sea
Goffey, G. The Birgitta Field, Block 22/19a, UK North Sea
Robertson, K., Heath, R. & Macdonald, R. The Blane Field, Block 30/3a, UK North Sea
Goffey, G., Lunn, S. & Seedhouse, J. The Brechin Field, Block 22/23a, UK North Sea
Gibson, M., Riley, D., Kenyon-Roberts, S., Opata, J., Beck, A., Nguyen, C. & Martin, T. The Catcher, Varadero and Burgman fields, Block 28/9a, UK North Sea
van Oorschot, R., Fletcher, A., Basford, H. & Stuart, A. The Chestnut Field, Block 22/2a, UK North Sea 
Nygaard, J., Caulfield, M., Gooder, R. & Chedburn, D. The Culzean Field, Block 22/25a, UK North Sea 
Irving, A. D., Raphael, K. F., Rennison, P. M., Lewis, R., Cruickshank, C. D. & Rengifo, R. A. The Elgin, Franklin, Glenelg and West Franklin fields, Blocks 22/30b, 22/30c, 29/4d, 29/5b and 29/5c, UK North Sea
Robertson, I. The Erskine Field, Block 23/26b, UK North Sea
Rose, P. T. S., Byerley, G. W., College, E., Pyle, J. R., Ralph, D. J., Rowbotham, P. S., van Oorschot, L. A., Towart, J., Vaughan, O. & Vermaas, M. The Forties Field, Blocks 21/10 and 22/6a, UK North Sea
Liebnitz, S. The Howe and Bardolino fields, Blocks 22/12a and 22/13a, UK North Sea
Couch, A. G., Eatwell, S. & Daini, O. The Huntington Field, Block 22/14a, UK North Sea
Gluyas, J. G. & Arkley, P. The Innes Field, Block 30/24, UK North Sea
Lawrence, H. M., Armstrong, L. E., Ashton, K., Jones, A. D. & Mearns, I. E. The Jasmine Field, Blocks 30/06 and 30/07a, UK North Sea
Jena, S. & Olowoleru, D. The Lomond Field, Block 23/21, UK North Sea
Sayer, Z., Edet, J., Gooder, R. & Love, A. The Machar Field, Block 23/26a, UK North Sea
Baniak, G. M., Sayer, Z., Patterson, H., Gooder, R., Laing, N. & Love, A. The Mungo Field, Blocks 22/20a and 23/16a, UK North Sea
Hale, M., Laird, R., Gavnholt, J. & van Bergen, P. F. The Pierce Field, Blocks 23/22a and 23/27, UK North Sea
Brown, S. A., Wood, P. H., Bamford, M. L. F. & Gluyas, J. G. The Pilot, Elke, Blakeney, Narwhal, Harbour and Feugh fields, Blocks 21/27, 21/28, 28/2 and 28/3, UK North Sea
Taylor, B. J. & Jones, D. W. The Shearwater Field, Blocks 22/30b and 22/30e, UK North Sea
Freeman, C. J. F., Garrard, R. J. & Farwana, A. The Starling, Scoter and Merganser fields, Blocks 22/30a and 29/3a, UK North Sea
Wright, S., Bramald, J., Brett, D., Dingwall, S., Horsburgh, J. & Ritchie, A. The Stella Field, Block 30/6a, UK North Sea
Baldwin, A. The Wood, Cayley, Godwin and Shaw fields, Blocks 22/17s, 22/18a and 22/22a, UK North Sea

Section 5: Moray Firth
Moore, I., Archer, J. & Peavot, D. The Alba Field, Block 16/26a, UK North Sea
Saundry, E. & Colmenares, J. The Blake Field, Blocks 13/24a and 13/29b, UK North Sea
Camm, M., Armstrong, L. E. & Patel, A. The Britannia Field, Blocks 15/29, 15/30, 16/26 and 16/27, UK North Sea
Wynn, T. & Saundry, E. The Buchan Field, Blocks 20/5a and 21/1a, UK North Sea
Taylor, E. E., Webb, N. J., Stevenson, C. J., Henderson, J. R., Kovac, A., Millington, J. J. & Rhodes, J. A. The Buzzard Field, Blocks 19/5a, 19/10a, 20/1 and 20/6a, UK North Sea
Hodgins, B., Moy, D. J. & Carnicero, P. A. The Captain Field, Block 13/22a, UK North Sea
Ings, R. J., Davids, D., Shotton, P. & Agnew, C. The Donan, Lochranza and Balloch fields, Blocks 15/20a and 15/20b, UK North Sea
Pinnock, S. J. & Dutton, D. M. The Golden Eagle, Peregrine and Solitaire fields, Blocks 14/26a and 20/01, UK North Sea
Stewart, N. & Marshall, J. D. The Goldeneye Field, Blocks 14/29a and 20/4b, UK North Sea
Allan, N. P. & Southwood, D. A. The Perth Field, Blocks 14/25a, 15/21c, 15/21e, UK North Sea
Tegerdine, G. The Renee Field, Block 15/27a, UK North Sea
Tegerdine, G. The Rubie Field, Block 15/28b, UK North Sea

Section 6: East Shetland Basin and Viking Graben
Heath, R. & Robertson, K. The Burghley Field, Block 16/22, UK North Sea
Ball, R. & Gluyas, J. The Dunlin, Dunlin SW, Osprey and Merlin fields, Blocks 211/23 and 211/24, UK North Sea
Robertson, K., Heath, R. & McKenzie, A. The Enoch Field, Block 16/13a, UK North Sea
Pelletier, F. & Gunn, C. The Gryphon, Maclure, Tullich and Ballindalloch fields, Blocks 9/18b, 9/18c, 9/19a, 9/23d and 9/24e, UK North Sea
Gluyas, J. G., Turnell, H., Ball, R., Henderson, J., Mulcahy, M., Richardson, C., Tyrie, J. & Wahid, F. The Hutton, NW Hutton, Q-West and Darwin fields, Blocks 211/27 and 211/28, UK North Sea
Parkes, L., Wood, P. & Macdonald, C. The Kraken and Kraken North fields, Block 9/2b, UK North Sea 
Stephens, I. N., Small, S. & Wood, P. H. The Maria Field, Block 16/29a, UK North Sea
Silcock, S. Y., Baptie, R. J., Iheobi, A., Frost, S., Simms, A. & Brettle, M. The Mariner Field, Block 9/11a, UK North Sea
Gluyas, J. G., Słowakiewicz, M., Tucker, M. E. & Gutteridge, P. The Morag Field, Block 16/29a, UK North Sea
Frenz, T., Besly, B. & Marriott, J. The Pelican Field, Block 211/26a, UK North Sea
Thorpe, D., Porter, M., McKie, T. & Ritchie, L. J. The Penguins Cluster, Blocks 211/13a and 211/14, UK North Sea

Section 7: Atlantic Margin
Robertson, A. G., Ball, M., Costaschuk, J., Davidson, J., Guliyev, N., Kennedy, B., Leighton, C., Nash, T. & Nicholson, H. The Clair Field, Blocks 206/7a, 206/8, 206/9a, 206/12a and 206/13a, UK Atlantic Margin
Clark, J., Mazzuchelli, D., Rowlands, M., Jebara, N. & Parry, C. The Edradour Field, Block 206/4a, UK Atlantic Margin
Clark, J., Parry, C., Rowlands, M., Tessier, A. & Mazzuchelli, D. The Glenlivet Field, Block 214/30a, UK Atlantic Margin
Clark, J., Matthews, P., Parry, C., Rowlands, M. & Tessier, A. The Laggan and Tormore fields, Blocks 206/1 and 205/5, UK Atlantic Margin
Duncan, L. J., Dennehy, C. J., Ablard, P. M. & Wallis, D. W. The Rosebank Field, Blocks 213/27a, 213/26b, 205/1a and 205/2a, UK Atlantic Margin
Ward, M. V., Primmer, T., Laws, E., Macgregor, K., Harpley, T., Ronald, A. & Scott, J. The Schiehallion and Loyal fields, Blocks 204/20, 204/25a, 204/25b, 205/16 and 205/21b, UK Atlantic Margin
Horsfall, P. The Solan Field, Block 205/26a, UK Atlantic Margin

Appendix A: Sources of additional data on each field



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