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Paleozoic–Mesozoic Geology of South Island, New Zealand: Subduction-related Processes Adjacent to SE Gondwana

Product Code: M0049
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.H.F. Robertson
Publication Date: 09 May 2019
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Memoir 49

This volume presents a set of research papers that provide new data and interpretations of the Permian–Triassic terranes of SE Gondwana, now exposed in South Island, New Zealand. Following an introduction for general readers, a historical summary and a review of biostratigraphy, the individual papers primarily focus on the Permian magmatic arc of the Brook Street Terrane, the classic Permian Dun Mountain ophiolite and the Permian–Triassic Maitai Group sedimentary succession. The new results emphasize the role of subduction and terrane displacement adjacent to the Permo-Triassic Gondwana margin, and present fundamental insights into three crustal processes: subduction initiation, supra-subduction zone oceanic crust genesis and forearc basin evolution. The volume concludes with a wide-ranging summary and synthesis of the regional Cambrian to Early Cretaceous tectonostratigraphy of New Zealand’s South Island in relation to the wider areas of Zealandia, East Australia and West Antarctica. The volume will interest geoscientists, including stratigraphers, sedimentologists, palaeontologists, igneous petrologists, geochemists, geochronologists and economic geologists, and is aimed at professional geologists and advanced students of geology.

Published online 01/05/2019. Print copies available from 09/05/2019.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204301
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 378
Weight: 1.5 kg



Robertson, A. H. F., Campbell, H. J., Johnston, M. R. & Mortimer, N. Introduction to Paleozoic–Mesozoic geology of South Island, New Zealand: subduction-related processes adjacent to SE Gondwana

Johnston, M. R. The path to understanding the central terranes of Zealandia

Campbell, H. J. Biostratigraphic age review of New Zealand’s Permian–Triassic central terranes

Robertson, A. H. F. & Palamakumbura, R. Geological development and regional significance of an oceanic magmatic arc and its sedimentary cover: Permian Brook Street Terrane, South Island, New Zealand

Jugum, D., Stewart, E., Palin, J. M., Mortimer, N., Norris, R. J. & Lamb, W. M. Correlations between a heterogeneous mantle and multiple stages of crustal growth: a review of the Dun Mountain ophiolite, New Zealand

Stewart, E., Newman, J., Tikoff, B., Donnelly, S., German, L., Chatzaras, V., Lamb, W. M., Miller, B. & Kruckenberg, S. C. Coupled deformation and melt-migration events recording subduction initiation, Dun Mountain ophiolite, New Zealand

Robertson, A. H. F. Patuki and Croisilles melanges in South Island, New Zealand: genesis related to Permian subduction–accretion processes

Robertson, A. H. F. Mid–Late Permian Upukerora Formation, South Island, New Zealand: fault-controlled mass wasting of the Early Permian Dun Mountain ophiolite and initiation of the Permian–Triassic Maitai continental margin forearc basin

Robertson, A. H. F. & Palamakumbura, R. Sedimentary development of the Mid-Permian–Mid-Triassic Maitai continental margin forearc basin, South Island, New Zealand

Robertson, A. H. F. & Palamakumbura, R. Sedimentary geochemistry used to infer the provenance of Permian–Triassic marine sandstones related to the SE Gondwana active continental margin, South Island, New Zealand

Palamakumbura, R. & Robertson, A. H. F. Geochemistry used to infer source characteristics and provenance of mudrocks of the Permian–Triassic Maitai Group and the associated Patuki Melange, South Island, New Zealand

Mortimer, N., Turnbull, R. E., Robertson, A. H. F. & Campbell, H. J. A 251 Ma diorite clast from a Maitai Group conglomerate and a c. 259 Ma microdiorite sill intruding the Productus Creek Group, Southland, New Zealand: note

Robertson, A. H. F., Palamakumbura, R. & Campbell, H. J. Permian–Triassic felsic tuffs in South Island, New Zealand: significance for oceanic and active continental margin subduction

Adams, C. J., Campbell, H. J., Mortimer, N. & Griffin, W. L. Crossing Cook Strait: terranes of the Marlborough Schist, Kapiti Island and Wellington

Robertson, A. H. F., Campbell, H. J., Johnston, M. R. & Palamakumbra, R. Construction of a Paleozoic–Mesozoic accretionary orogen along the active continental margin of SE Gondwana (South Island, New Zealand): summary and overview



Michael F. Ridd

The general reader will wish to read Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 15, which give an excellent overview of the island’s origins, while Chapters 4 to 14 provide more detailed evidence for where terranes of the Eastern Province, in particular, may have related to the active Gondwana margin. The book is well-written and lavishly illustrated, with contributions from an international team of experts. Many of the figures are in colour, but one small quibble is that the use of colour alone to distinguish units on a geological map can lead to difficulty for the reader; Figure 1.6 will be referred to repeatedly by readers, and yet it has no fewer than four shades of pink. The addition of symbols would have helped. Nevertheless, I wish I’d had this book when I led a group of GA members around New Zealand a few years ago.

Hamish Campbell and Nick Mortimer

This contribution offers a fresh and up-to-date perspective on some of New Zealand’s iconic basement rocks and will interest stratigraphers, sedimentologists palaeontologists, igneous petrologists, geochemists, geochronologists and economic geologists. It is aimed at professional geologists and advanced students of geology.

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