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Deep-Water Contourite Systems: Modern Drifts and Ancient Series, Seismic and Sedimentary Characteristics

Product Code: M0022
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D A V Stow, C J Pudsey, J A Howe, J-C Faugeres & A R Viana
Publication Date: 14 March 2003
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Contourites are a widespread but poorly known group of sediments linked to the action of powerful bottom currents in deep water. Although we know they are especially common along continental margins and through oceanic gateways, they have been surrounded by the controversy since they were first recognized in the early 1960s. Where correctly recognized and decoded they can provide one of the keys to our better understanding of bottom water circulation and of the ocean-climate link. They are part of the spectrum of deposits that confronts the oil industry as exploration moves into progressively greater water depths.

This memoir is an important outcome of the International Geological Correlation Project 432 on Bottom Currents, Contourites and Paleocirculation. It includes 30 papers involving over 75 key scientists from around the world. Following an introductory state-of-the-art paper by the editors, there are 25 separate case studies on modern drifts and four on ancient contourite series.

This volume is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Hollister (1936-1999), one of the founding fathers and pioneers of contourite research.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-092-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-092-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 472
Weight: 2.20 kg


Preface • A personal scientific appreciation of the father of ‘contourites’, I.N. McCave • Bottom currents, contourites and deep-sea sediment drifts: current state-of-the-art, D.A.V. Stow, J.C. Faugeres, J.A. Howe, C.J. Pudsey & A.R. Viana • Contourites of the Nova Scotian continental rise and the HEBBLE area, I.N. McCave, R.C. Chandler, S.A. Swift & B.E. Tucholke • The Greater Antilles Outer Ridge: development of a distal sedimentary drift by deposition of fine-grained contourites, B.E. Tucholke • The Lofoten Drift, Norwegian Sea, J.S. Laberg, T.O. Vorren & S.M. Knutsen • Sediment drifts and contourite sedimentation in the northeastern Rockall Trough and Faroe-Shetland channel, North Atlantic Ocean, J.A. Howe, M.S. Stoker, D.A.V. Stow & M.C. Akhurst • Late Quaternary glacigenic contourite, debris flow and turbidite process interaction in the Fraroe-Shetland channel, NW European continental margin, M.C. Arkhurst, D.A.V. Stow & M.S. Stoker • Wave-form sheeted contourite drift on the Barra Fan, NW UK continental margin, P.C. Knutz, E.J.W.Jones, J.A. Howe, T.J.C. Van Weering, D.A.V. Stow • Holocene contourite sand sheet on the Barra Fan slope, NW Hebridean margin, D.A.V. Stow, J.E. & R. Holes • Muddy contourites in the Baltic Sea: an example of a shallow-water contourite system, V. Sivkov, V. Gorbatskiy, A. Kulshov & Y. Zhurov • Faro-Albufeira drift complex, northern Gulf of Cadiz, D.A.V. Stow, J.C. Faugeres, E. Gothier, M.Cremer, E. Llave, F.J. Hernandex-Molina, L. Somoza & V. Del-Diaz • The Ceuta Drift, Alboran Sea, southern Mediterranean, G. Ercilla, J. Baraza, B. Alonso, F. Estada, D. Casas & M. Farran • The Sicilian gateway: anatomy of the deep-water connection between East and West Mediterranean basins, M.S. Reeder, G. Rothwell & D.A.V. Stow • Sediment drifts of the Corsica Channel, northern Tyrrhenian Sea, M. Roveri • The Vama contourite fan in the south Frazilian basin, J.C. Faugeres, S. Zaragosi, M.L. Mezerais & L. Masse • The Columbia channel-Levee system: a fan drift in the southern Brazil Basin, J.C. Faugeres, A.F. Lima, L. Masse & S. Zaragosi • Contour currents, sediment drifts and abyssal erosion on the northeastern continental margin off Bazil, P.O. Fomes & A.R. Viana • Evidence of bottom current influence on the Neogene to Quaternary sedimentation along the northern Campos slope SW Atlantic Margin, A.R. Viana, C.M. Hercos, W. De Almeida JR, J.L.C. Magalhases & S.B. De Andrade • Upper slope sands: late Quaternary shallow-water sandy contourites of Campos Basin, SW Atlantic Margin, A.R. Viana, W. De Almeida JR. & C.W. De Almeida • Contourites on the Agulhas Plateau, SW Indian Ocean: indications for the evolution of currents since Palaeogene times, G. Uenzelmann-Neben • The Weddel Sea: contourites and hemipelagites at the northern margin of the Weddell Gyre , C.J. Pudsey • The southern Weddell Sea: combined contourite-turbidite sedimentation at the southeastern margin of the Weddell Gyre, K.H. Michels, G. Kuhn, C.D. Hillenbrand, B. Diekmann, D.K. Futterer, H. Grobe &G. Uenzelmann-Neben • Mixed biosiliceous-terrigenous sedimentation under the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Scotia Sea, C.J. Pudsey & J.A. Howe • Contourite sedimentation in the Falkland Trough, western South Atlantic, A.P. Cunningham, J.A. Howe & P.F. Barker • Sediment drifts and deep-sea channel system, Antarctic Peninsula Pacific Margin, M. Rebesco, C.J. Pudsey, M. Canals, A. Camerlenghi, P.F. Barker, F. Estrade & A. Giorgetti • Current controlled deposition on the Wilkes Lane continental rise, Antarctica, C. Escutia, C.H. Nelson, G.D. Acton, S.L. Eittreim, A.K. Cooper, D.A. Warnke & J.M. Jaramillo • Eastern New Zealand drifts, Miocene-Recent, L. Carter & I.N. McCave • Neogene contourites, Miura-Boso forearc basin, SE Japan, D.A.V. Stow, Y. Ogawa, I.T. Lee & K. Mitsuzawa • Kuroshio Current-influenced sandy contourites from the Plio-Pleistocene Kazusa forearc basin, Boso Peninsula, Japan, M. Ito • Ordovician carbonate contourite drifts in Hunan and Gansu Provinces, China, S. Luo, Z. Gao, Y. He & D.A.V. Stow • Fossil contourites: type example from an Oligocene palaeoslope system, Cyprus, D.AV. Stow, G. Kahler & M. Reeder • Index •


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