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President's Day

President's Day at Burlington House 

President's Day is an annual event held by the Geological Society in June each year.

The day begins with the Annual General Meeting, followed by a short talk from the recipients of the major medals, an Awards Ceremony and presentations by the Wollaston, Lyell, Murchison and William Smith medallists.

The next President's Day will be on in June 2020 and all Fellows are welcome to attend.

Previous President's Days

Awards Nominations

Presidents Day 2018

Talks by Terry Plank, Julian Dowdeswell, Janne Blichert-Toft and Peter Dolan.

Volcanos landscape

Presidents Day 2017

Talks were given by the Medallists -  Lyell Medal: Rosalind Rickaby, Murchison Medal: Tim Elliott and William Smith Medal:  John Walsh

Presidents Day 2016 Thumbnail

Presidents Day 2016

Watch the talks were given by Lyell, Murchison and William Smith medallist and Wollaston medallists.


Presidents Day 2015

Talks by Colin Ballantyne, Geoffrey Wadge, Anthony Dore and James Jackson.

President's Day 2014

Presidents Day 2014

Senior medalists and their talks from 2014.
President's Day 2013

Presidents Day 2013

Watch talks by Senior Medallists Paula J. Reimer, Pete Kokelaar, Martin Jackson & Kurt Lambeck.
President's Day 2012

Presidents Day 2012

Watch the Awards Ceremony, Bryan Lovell's Presidential Address, and talks by Senior Medallists Eric Wolff, Frank Spear, William Aspinall and Chris Hawkesworth.
President's Day 2008-2011

Presidents Days 2008-2011

Watch Senior Medallists' talks from previous years.