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Presidents Day 2017

07 June 2017
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Event type:
AGM, Social event, Lecture, Open day
Organised by:
Geological Society Events
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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President’s Day 2017 at Burlington House was held on 7 June. As in previous years, the recipients of the major medals were invited to give a short talk on their subject, see below.

Talks by Lyell, Murchison and William Smith medallists

Lyell Medal: 
Rosalind Rickaby – Professor of Biochemistry, University of Oxford.

Coccoliths coasting through the Elderfield Curve

Murchison Medal: Tim Elliott – Professor of Isotope Geology,
University of Bristol: 

Surface environmental changes constrain rates of mantle stirring

William Smith Medal: John Walsh - Professor of Structural Geology, University College Dublin. 

Fundamentals of faulting and the pursuit of failure!

Talk by Wollaston medallist

Wollaston Medal: Richard Alley – Evan Pugh Professor, Pennsylvania State University. 

Crumbling at the edges: Ice sheets and sea-level rise