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Developments in Engineering Geology

Product Code: SPE27
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M.J. Eggers, J.S. Griffiths, S. Parry & M.G. Culshaw
Publication Date: 12 October 2016
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Engineering Geology Special Publication 27. Please scroll down for information on accessing content online.

Developments in Engineering Geology is a showcase of the diversity in the science and practice of engineering geology. All branches of geology are applicable to solving engineering problems and this presents a wide frontier of scientific opportunity to engineering geology. In practice, diversity represents a different set of challenges with the distinctive character of the profession derived from the crossover between the disciplines of geology and engineering. This book emphasizes the importance of understanding the geological science behind the engineering behaviour of a soil or rock. It also highlights a continuing expansion in the practice areas of engineering geology and illustrates how this is opening new frontiers to the profession thereby introducing new knowledge and technology across a range of applications. This is initiating an evolution in the way geology is modelled in engineering, geohazard and environmental studies in modern and traditional areas of engineering geology.

Published online 21/09/2016. Print copies available from 12/10/2016.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862399686
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 253
Weight: 1 kg



EGGERS, M. J. Diversity in the science and practice of engineering geology

Urban engineering geology

PRICE, S. J., FORD, J. R., CAMPBELL, S. D. G. & JEFFERSON, I. Urban Futures: the sustainable management of the ground beneath cities

MARKER, B. R. Urban planning: the geoscience input

KOZLYAKOVA, I. V., EREMINA, O. N., ANISIMOVA, N. G. & KOZHEVNIKOVA, I. A. Study of geology and Carboniferous subcrop topography upon engineering geological mapping of Moscow territory

TUĞRUL, A., YILMAZ, M., SӦNMEZ, İ. & HASDEMIR, S. Sustainable management of aggregate resources in İstanbul

ENTWISLE, D. C., CULSHAW, M. G., HULBERT, A. G., SHELLEY, W. A., SELF, S. J. & DOBBS, M. R. The Glasgow (Scotland) geotechnical GIS: a desk study tool

Engineering geology in mining

BAXTER, H. Geophysics, geochemistry and engineering geology: how disciplines combine to improve mine slope design in the Pilbara detrital valleys of Western Australia

CAMMACK, R. Developing an engineering geological model in the fractured and brecciated rocks of a copper porphyry deposit

POPE, D., DURAN, A., GROCOTT, G., HOLM, O. & BELL, A. Geological structural controls on stability of footwall slopes: an example from the Bowen Basin, Queensland

STRANG, D. R. Whitehall quarry, Northern Wedge failure: 22 years of investigation

Engineering geology in managing risk from geohazards

FLENTJE, P., MINER, T., STIRLING, D., PALAMAKUMBURE, D. &WINDLE, D. Landslide inventory and susceptibility zoning across SE Australia

PARRY, S. Landslide hazard assessments: problems and limitations. Examples from Hong Kong

DI CAPUA, G., PEPPOLONI, S., AMANTI, M., CIPOLLONI, C. & CONTE, G. Site classification map of Italy based on surface geology

Geological models for engineering studies

GRIFFITHS, J. S. Incorporating geomorphology in engineering geological ground models

GOLDSMITH, R. & MCCUE, K. Revised hazard assessment for Afulilo Dam, Samoa

FABBROCINO, S., PADUANO, P., LANZANO, G., FORTE, G., SANTUCCI DE MAGISTRIS, F. & FABBROCINO, G. Engineering geology model for seismic vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructures

Interaction of engineering geology and geomechanics

LI, L., DENG, X., TAN, Y., HUANG, B. & YANG, Z. Siting method of the ancients in the excavation of Longyou Caverns, 2000 years ago

TAKAHASHI, M., KATO, M., LIN, W. & SATO, M. Three-dimensional pore geometry and permeability anisotropy of Berea sandstone under hydrostatic pressure: connecting path and tortuosity data obtained by microfocus X-ray CT

MOEIN, F., XUE, J., DENT, B. & MACKAY, R. Review of the historical data characterizing Latrobe Valley brown coal consolidation behaviour

INDRAWAN, I. G. B., WILLIAMS, D. J. & SCHEUERMANN, A. Effects of saline coal seam gas water on consistency limits, compaction characteristics and hydraulic conductivities of clays used for liners

HE, L. & WEN, B.-P. Effect of porewater salinity on residual shear strength of clays and their mixtures



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