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Presenting our 2020 awards, medals and funds winners

Medal Winners

Wollaston Medal


Lyell Medal 


Murchison Medal


Prof Barbara

   Prof Rachel Wood
   Prof Katharine Cashman

Institut de Physique
du Globe de Paris

    University of Edinburgh  
   University of Bristol
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William Smith Medal 


Prestwich Medal 


Dewey Medal 

 Dr Alastair Ruffell
   Dr Kristján Saemundsson
Prof Alastair Robertson

Queen's University Belfast

University of Edinburgh 

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Sue Tyler Friedman Medal 


Coke Medal 

Coke Medal 

 Prof Sandra Herbert
   Prof Richard Davies
   Prof Lisa McNeill
University of Maryland,
   Newcastle University
   University of

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Bigsby Medal


 Prof Bridget Wade

 University College London

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Funds Winners

Wollaston Fund 


 Lyell Fund


Murchison Fund


Dr Andrew Newton

Dr Thomas Wong Hearing

Dr Alexander Dunhill


Queen's University Belfast

University of Ghent

University of Leeds

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William Smith Fund

Ms Emma Jude

BP Exploration

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Awards Winners

Distinguished Service Award 


President’s Award 


President’s Award 

Dr Bill Gaskarth
  Dr Tim Gregory
  Dr Thomas Phillips
University of Bristol/
British Geological Survey
  Durham University 
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Watch our 2020 virtual awards ceremony