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Obituaries - X, Y & Z

To obtain a copy of an obituary, please contact the LibraryCharges apply and payment will be required in advance from non-Fellows. Copies of obituaries published in the Society's Quarterly journal may alternatively be purchased online via the Lyell Collection (usually found in the 'Proceedings' section as part of the Anniversary Address of the President), or for those published prior to 1923 they may be found online courtesy of the Biodiversity Library.

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See our list of abbreviations for the published source of the obituaries.


[No obituaries]


Yabe, Hisakatsu 1970 Proc 1664B
Yarwood, Geoffrey Alec 1992 Ann. rept.
Yates, Rev James 1872 QJ 28
Yates, Patricia Joan 1961 Proc 1592
Yelloly, Dr John 1842 Proc 3(86)
Yoder, Hatten, Jr. 2003 Ann. rept.
Young, Dr Alfred Prentice 1920 QJ 76
Young, Andrew 1938 QJ 94
Young, Brian Raymond 1993 Ann. rept.
Young, George William (note) 1930 QJ 86
Young, John LLD 1901 QJ 57
Younger, Paul 2018 Geosci 28(11)
Yuill, William (Bill) 2007 Ann. rept.


Zabel, Charles Ferdinand (note) 1922 QJ 78
Zalessky, Mikhail Dimitrievich 1948 QJ 104
Zans, Verners Alexsandrs 1962 Proc 1602
Zaruba, Quido 1994 Ann. rept.
Zavaritzky, Alexander Nikolaevich 1953 Proc 1502
Zealley, Arthur Edmund Victor 1919 QJ 75
Zeiller, Charles Rene 1916 QJ 72
Zeuner, Frederick Everard 1964 Proc 1618
Ziegler, Peter Alfred 2013 Geosci 24(1) (2014)
Ziegler, Walter 2017 Geosci 28(7) 2018
Zigno, Baron Achille de 1892 QJ 48
Zirkel, Ferdinand 1913 QJ 69
Zittel, Karl Alfred von 1904 QJ 60