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Obituaries - N

To obtain a copy of an obituary, please contact the LibraryCharges apply and payment will be required in advance from non-Fellows. Copies of obituaries published in the Society's Quarterly journal may alternatively be purchased online via the Lyell Collection (usually found in the 'Proceedings' section as part of the Anniversary Address of the President), or for those published prior to 1923 they may be found online courtesy of the Biodiversity Library.

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See our list of abbreviations for the published source of the obituaries.

Nairn, Alan Eben Mackenzie 2008 Ann. rept.
Naldrett, Anthony James 2020
Nash, John Kevin Tyrie Llewellyn 1983 Memb. List
Nathorst, Alfred Gabriel 1921 QJ 77
Naumann, Karl Friedrich 1874 QJ 30
Neale, John William 2006 Ann. rept.
Neaverson, Ernest 1972 Yrbk.
Necker de Saussure, Louis Albert 1862 QJ 18
Needham, Clive Eric John 2017
Nelson, Kenneth Davies 2017
Nesbit, John Collis 1863 QJ 19
Neumayr, Dr Melchior 1890 QJ 46
Newall, Geoffrey 1983 Memb. List
Newell, Norman Dennis 2005 Ann. rept.
Newberry, John Strong 1893 QJ 49
Newcastle-under-Lyne, Henry Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of (note) 1865 QJ 21
Newton, Charles Butterworth (note) 1953 Proc 1502
Newton, Edwin Tulley 1930 QJ 86
Newton, Ernest Bennett Brierley (WD) 1920 QJ 76
Newton, Richard Bullen 1926 QJ 82
Nicholas, Tressilian Charles 1989 Ann. rept.
Nicholl, John Jeffery (note) 1931 QJ 87
Nicholson, Sir Charles 1904 QJ 60
Nicholson, Henry Alleyne 1899 QJ 55
Nicol, James 1880 QJ 36
Nicholson, Robin 2015 Geosci 25(10)
Niggli, Paul 1953 Proc 1502
Nilsson, Sven 1884 QJ 40
Nimmo, Alexander 1834 Proc 2(35)
Nockolds, Stephen Robert 1990 Ann. rept.
Noe-Nygaard, Arne 1991 Ann. rept.
Noel, Ernest 1932 QJ 88
Nolan, Thomas Brennan 1992 Ann. rept.
Nopcsa, Baron Francis (Ferencz von) 1934 QJ 90
Nordenskiold, Baron Adolf Erik 1902 QJ 58
Nordenskiold, Nils Gustaf von 1867 QJ 23
Norman, John Wakelin 1989 Ann. rept.
Northampton, Marquis of 1851 QJ 7
Northesk, John George Carnegie, 9th Earl of (formerly Lord Rosehill) 1892 QJ 48
Notholt, Arthur John George 1995 Ann. rept.
Nuttall, Winfred Laurence Falkiner 1970 Proc 1664B
Nyst, Pierre Henri 1881 QJ 37