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When, oh when, will CPD online reporting come back?

Sir, Try as I might I can get no answer as to why we no longer have a system for recording our CPD online, more than two years after the mysterious technical issues that took the system offline.  What is going on?  We are told first of all that this would be restored once a new CPD system had been put in place – but this deadline is well passed - and instead we have effectively paper system with guidance documents that cannot be accessed through the website.  Given the added complexity of the new CDP system (now far in excess of even the ICE requirements – but that’s another story), an online version is even more important

I used to explain smugly to members of other professional bodies the simple and useful Geol Soc CPD system, but the situation now appears so embarrassing that no-one in Burlington House can be bothered even to acknowledge my emails on the subject.

CPD records are a vital matter for professional geologists and hence a key function of the Society; I would welcome any attempts to get a proper explanation of this debacle.

Chris Milne