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Sharing an Uncertain World: Lessons in Managing Risk

13 - 14 July 2017
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1. Geological Society Events, 2017 Year of Risk
The Geological Society (Burlington House)
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Whatever sector you work in, your success will hinge to some degree or other on the activities of the Earth on which we live.

Now, for the first time, the Society is hosting a conference bringing together leading Earth Scientists and practitioners from a range of other sectors to share experiences, practices and technologies to collectively learn how we can better manage risk.

Session themes will cover:

  • What is risk, how do different sectors and disciplines approach it and how does it leave us vulnerable at different scales?

  • Lessons for Earth Scientists from other sectors with a heightened exposure, e.g. aviation, healthcare, big engineering

  • Different sectors’ experience of management of risk, from the organisational level down to the modelling of uncertainties around given activities

  • Best practices for communicating geoscience risks to decision makers, other sectors and the public at large

  • The nature of the Earth’s hazards and how they translate into meaningful and dramatic consequences for society, e.g. for finance, urban development, contingency planning

  • How we can best use technology to identify, manage and communicate risks and their uncertainties

  • Understanding the dangers and exceptional capabilities of human behaviour under event-based stress through to consideration of long range natural hazards

Speakers include:

  • Tim Atkinson (aviation)
  • Laurance Donnelly (IUGS-IFG, Arup)
  • Stephen Hallett (Dream CDT, Cranfield)
  • Bill McGuire (UCL)
  • Major General (Ret'd) Mungo Melvin CB OBE
  • Keith Smith (Lloyd's)
  • David Shilston (Atkins)
  • Colin Stevenson (Crocodiles of the World)

Provisional programme & speaker information

A PDF provisional programme and speaker information pack is available to download.


You can either register for this conference online or download the PDF registration form and return it to the Conference Office.

IRM Members

If you are an IRM Member, you can register online by selecting the 'Other Societies' rate.

Non Member - academic

You can not register for this conference rate online.  Please download the PDF registration form and return it to the Conference Office.

Pre-conference linked events

Prior to this conference, there will be 4 short courses available:

  • From Exploration to Feasibility - 8 July
  • The Risk Management Toolbox - 8 July
  • Mitigating Bias, Blindness , and Illusion in Decision Making - 9 July
  • A step by step guide to gaining competitive advantages for projects ad operations - 9 July

For full details about the courses on offer, please visit the courses webpage.

Managing Risks across the Mining and Oil & Gas Lifecycle - 10 - 12 July 

This conference will be bringing together operators and service providers from both mining and oil & gas to explore our understanding of risks and methods by which we can better manage them.

For further information about this conference, please visit the conference webpage.


Lead convenor - Glen Burridge (Glen Burridge & Associates)

Lead convenor - Georgina Worrall (The Geological Society)

Co-convenor - Sarah Gordon (Satarla / The Geological Society)

Co-convenor - Kirsty Simpson (The Geological Society)


Registration rates

£ 80.00
£ 170.00
£ 80.00
£ 80.00
£ 20.00
£ 50.00

Geolsoc Contact

Georgina Worrall

Burlington House

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