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2021 Year of Space lecture series

The Geology of Other Planets - A geological journey through our solar system and beyond

Take a journey through the wonders of our solar system with a team of expert planetary geologists and scientists!

You may want to explore the origins of our solar system, or take a virtual trip to the asteroid belt; maybe you’ll join us to learn about volcanoes on Mercury, drive across the surface of Mars with the NASA rovers and discover more about the planets right at the very edge of our solar system.

This lecture series will take you on a journey all the way from Mercury to Pluto and beyond, and show you how geologists here on Earth can examine rocks from space and the Earth itself to unpick the mysteries of our Solar System. Book your place using the links below!

All lectures will be available both live and recorded on our YouTube channel.

 Solar system

Our Solar System - How Geology Began 

Professor Sara Russell, Natural History Museum

Wednesday 10th February



Professor Dave Rothery, Open University

Wednesday 3rd March


Dr Peter Grindrod, Natural History Museum

Thursday 22nd April
 Circular red tinted planet with black sky background


Dr Matt Balme, Open University

Wednesday 12th May
 Asteroids hurtling through the black sky

Asteroids and Comets 

Professor Alan Fitzsimmons, Queen's University Belfast

Wednesday 30th June
 The moon

The Moon (July)

Dr Katie Joy, University of Manchester
 Circular planet with brown and blue stripes set against a black sky

The Gas Giants (Date TBD)

Speaker TBC

 Circular moon with ice set against a black sky

The Icy Moons (Date TBD)

Speaker TBC
 Grey circular planet with grey ring of saturn to the right and black backdrop

Titan (Date TBD)

Ralph Lorenz, University of Arizona
 black sky background with large circular light brown planet in foreground

Pluto (Date TBD)

Veronica Bray, University of Arizona
 Circular planet Pegasi b sitting to the left of a black sky

Extra Solar Planets (Date TBD)

Oli Shorttle
 Fiery object hurtling through the black sky

Meteorites (Date TBD)

Speaker TBC