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Rock-Forming Minerals, Volume 5A: Non-Silicates: Oxides, Hydroxides and Sulphides

Product Code: RFM5A
Series: GSL Rock-Forming Minerals - print copy
Author/Editor: By W.A. Deer, R.A. Howie, J. Zussman, J.F.W. Bowles and D.J. Vaughan
Publication Date: 16 June 2011
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Volume 5A of this second edition of Rock-Forming Minerals focuses on oxides, hydroxides and sulphides. Since the publication of the first edition, in 1962, there has been an enormous increase in the literature devoted to these minerals. This new edition, greatly expanded and rewritten, covers aspects that include crystal structures, chemical compositions, electronic structures, phase relations, thermochemistry, mineral surface structure and reactivity, physical properties, distinguishing features and parageneses (including stable isotope data).
Volume 5A deals with:
Oxides (J. F. W. Bowles)
Periclase, cassiterite, corundum, rutile, anatase, brookite, perovskite, hematite, ilmenite, pseudobrookite, armalcolite, pseudorutile, spinel, gahnite, galaxite, hercynite, magnetite, magnesioferrite, maghemite, ulvöspinel, qandilite, franklinite, jacobsite, trevorite, Mg-chromite, chromite, Fe-chromite
Hydroxides (R. A. Howie & J. Zussman)
Brucite, gibbsite, diaspore, boehmite, goethite, akaganéite, ferrihydrite, lepidocrocite, feroxyhyte
Sulphides (D. J. Vaughan)
Pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-315-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-315-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 932
Weight: 1.85 kg


Abbreviations and Symbols
Preface to First Edition
Preface to Second Edition

Oxides (JFWB)

Periclase Cassiterite Corundum Rutile Anatase Brookite Perovskite

Introduction to the Fe–Ti-Oxides

Introduction to the Spinel Group Spinel
Gahnite, Galaxite, Hercynite
Magnesioferrite, Maghemite
Ulvöspinel, Qandilite
Franklinite, Jacobsite, Trevorite
Magnesiochromite, Chromite, Ferrian Chromite

Hydroxides (JZ and RAH)


Sulphides (DJV)

Introduction to the Sulphides





Rock Forming Minerals Vol 5A Non-Silcates, Oxides, Hydroxides and Sulphides

Few books on our shelves are pulled more often than mineralogy reference texts. It was thus a great pleasure to dive into a new edition from the classic series Rock-forming Minerals (aka Deer, Howie and Zussman). This particular release, Non-Silicates: Oxides, Hydroxides and Sulphides (volume 5A), is a vastly grown-up second edition of its predecessor of 50 years prior. Authors Bowles, Howie, Vaughan, and Zussman have compiled a comprehensive look at a subset of the mineral classes covered in the original, with the up-to-date version expanded to an impressive 920 pages in length.

The book is well organized and coordinated throughout, with systematic use of abbreviations and symbols tabulated up front for the reader’s easy reference. Each chapter is initiated by a table of key optical and physical properties for that mineral, and cited references close the chapter. Both are convenient and useful for the purpose of the reader’s further research. The book concludes with an index that is nicely replete with keywords and topics to search out their multiple occurrences. Key data tables and illustrations are carefully selected, well presented, and there when you need them

With respect to value versus cost, one only needs to make the observation that this volume was written by intellectual giants in the mineralogical sciences, well recognized and esteemed experts on this non-silicate subgroup. Though every effort seems to have been made to craft the book in a standardized reference-text form, the insightful perspectives and biases of the authors are tacitly evident. In this regard, and given its 50-year mark, the book is without a doubt a significant milestone. Because of this, I ascribe a higher return on investment relative to other reference books of its kind.

All things considered, I find it easy to recommend this volume to student and professional alike, to those seeking a solid foundation for pursuit of the next 50 years of mineralogical research on these minerals and beyond.

Kevin M. Rosso, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Review featured in Elements December issue 2012

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