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Janet Watson Meeting 2019: From core to atmosphere: Deep carbon

26 - 28 February 2019
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1. Geological Society Events, 2019 Year of Carbon
Burlington House, London
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Carbon is the element central to the evolution of life and maintenance of the Earth’s habitability. Though the presence of carbon at Earth’s surface is well known and vitally important, the majority of Earth’s carbon is thought to reside in the Deep Earth. Constraining the magnitudes of the fluxes to and from the Earth’s interior, and how they are controlled, is vital for understanding how the present-day Earth came to be and how it may develop in the future.

This three-day meeting will bring together early career geoscientists and senior members of the Deep Carbon research community.

Presentations and discussions will encompass the latest advances in our understanding of the behaviour of carbon at the extreme pressures and temperatures of the Earth’s deep interior, the exchange of carbon between the near-surface and deep reservoirs, the abiotic development of organic compounds through deep time, and the extreme limits of life on Earth. 

Mentoring activities will take place throughout the meeting, where senior scientists will lead small group discussions about their research careers and experiences in academia.

 Conference themes:

  • Deep Carbon origins, storage and transport
  • Carbon in the deep biosphere
  • Deep Carbon through time
  • The future of Deep Carbon research
  • Deep Carbon synthesis
The final day of the conference is dedicated to workshops addressing the future of Deep Carbon research and exploring the application of new software driven tools for understanding carbon in the Earth.

 Keynote Speakers:

  • Andy Thomson, UCL
  • Ery Hughes, University of Bristol
  • Lawerence Percival, Vrije Universiteit Brussels
  • Sophie Nixon, University of Manchester

  •  Bob Hazen Lecture:

    Wednesday 27 February 3pm The Story of Earth: How Life, Rocks, and the Carbon Cycle have Co-Evolved 

    The story of Earth is a 4.5-billion-year saga of dramatic transformations, driven by physical, chemical, and—based on a fascinating growing body of evidence—biological processes. The co-evolution of life and rocks, the emerging paradigm that frames this lecture, unfolds in an irreversible sequence of evolutionary stages.

    Each stage re-sculpted our planet’s surface, while introducing new planetary processes and phenomena. The cycling of carbon played central roles as each stage inexorably paved the way for the next. This grand and intertwined tale of Earth’s living and non-living spheres is only now coming into focus.


    • Simon Matthews (University of Cambridge)
    • Lotta Purkamo (University of St Andrews)


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    Geolsoc Contact


    Burlington House
    W1J 0BG

    Ruth Davey

    Event Co-ordinator
    The Geological Society
    Burlington House
    W1J 0BG