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The Geology of Fractured Reservoirs

24 - 25 October 2018
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Conference, Specialist Group
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Energy Group, 2018 Year of Resources
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to be back up and running on 15 October.

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A large proportion of the world’s oil and gas is produced from fractured reservoirs, with new discoveries continuing to be made and put into development. This conference will explore the many ways in which the geology of fractures is fundamental to the understanding of fluid flow in the subsurface, and hence to predicting and monitoring reservoir performance.

Fractured reservoirs are those in which fractures have caused a significant increase in total permeability. Carbonate reservoirs, tight sandstone reservoirs, basementreservoirs and shale reservoirs are all commonly fractured, and present significant challenges to petroleum geologists. The focus of these challenges, but not their significance, changes throughout a field’s life-cycle from exploration to production. Many geothermal reservoirs are also fractured, and share common challenges. This meeting will highlight how multidisciplinary work is essential to develop an applicable understanding of the behaviour of fractured reservoirs.

The Provisional Conference Programme is now Available. 

 Themed sessions to include:

  • Fracture properties at micro and well scale – detection and characterisation
  • Fracture properties at reservoir to basin scale – from outcrops to seismic to regional models
  • The flow behaviour of fracture systems – the interaction of fluids, rocks and stress
  • The integration of data, disciplines and insights – advancing our knowledge of fractured reservoirs

 Keynote speakers:

  • Mohammed S. Ameen, Saudi Aramco
  • Raffaele di Cuia, Delta Energy Ltd
  • Steve Laubach, University of Texas at Austin
  • Robert Trice, Hurricane Energy


  • Paul Gillespie, Equinor
  • Jon Gutmanis, Independent
  • Bob Holdsworth, University of Durham 
  • Danny Long, Independent
  • Eddie McAllister, Shell
  • Simon Price, Shell
  • Alun Williams, Equinor


Registration is now open. Please either register online, or download the registration form and return to [email protected] 

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