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Higher Education Network Annual Meeting with Diversity in Geoscience, UK

15 - 16 January 2019
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Event type:
Conference, Workshop
Organised by:
1. Geological Society Events, Higher Education Network
School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds
Event status:

The University of Leeds is hosting the 2019 HEN Annual Meeting, which this year is jointly convened with Diversity in Geoscience, UK. The theme is Good Practice in Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in GEES Higher Education. This meeting will provide a forum for lively discussion and the sharing of good practice between teachers, students, practitioners, employers and other stakeholders. 

We very much welcome participation from across the GEES disciplines. The first day will focus on oral presentations and the second more on interactive sessions such as small group discussions and workshops. 

Offers of contributions across all of these formats, and on any aspect of inclusion, diversity and equality, are warmly invited. Some suggested themes include, but are not restricted to: 

  • Attracting and retaining students from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Who’s here?  How equal is GEES HE?
  • Approaches to student and staff mental health.
  • Making fieldwork more inclusive and accessible. 
  • How to make assessment more inclusive. 
Our schedule will include the HEN AGM, to which all delegates are cordially invited. 
Keynote Speakers
  • Karen Devine (British Ecological Society)
  • Cedric John (Imperial College London)

Registration and abstract submission

To register for one or both days please visit the University of Leeds conference page.

To submit an abstract or proposal for interactive session or for further information please contact Jacqueline Houghton.

Deadline for abstract submission: 5pm on Friday 16 November 2018

Deadline for registration: 14 January 2019 


Fees are £30 per day for regular delegates, and £15 per day for students. Some additional financial support may be available for students to attend this event.

Please enquire by email in the first instance to Judi Lakin.


Programme: 15 January 2019: Oral Presentations

9.15am: Registration and coffee 

9.45am: Welcome and introduction

9.55am: The Role Summer Schools in Increasing BAME Engagement with Ecological Sciences at University - Karen Devine (Head of External Affairs, British Ecological Society)

10.40am: The Geological Society and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the Higher Education Earth Sciences - George Jameson (External Relations Officer, Geological Society of London)

10.55am: Coffee

11.20am: Investigating Diversity in Palaeontology - Fiona Gill (Palaeontological Association and University of Leeds)

11.35am: Introducing the IncSTEM ProjectAspects of Inclusive Practice to Address Barriers in HE - Dan Morgan (University of Leeds)

11.50am: Enhancing Inclusivity in GEES Subjects: Some Outcomes from the IncSTEM Project - Alison Stokes (University of Plymouth)

12.05pm: “Access Anglesey”: An Accessible and Inclusive Field Class Evaluated - Jacqueline Houghton (University of Leeds)

12.20pm: The Rocky Road of Diversity in HE, a Mother’s Perspective - Janet and Ellis Dunford

12.35pm: Lunch including Geol Soc HEN AGM (All welcome)

2.00pm: Mental Wellbeing during Fieldwork - A Potential Barrier to Broader Diversity in Geosciences and Related Disciplines - Cedric John (Imperial College)

2.45pm: Improving Communication and Group Work in Engineering Design Projects - Piroska Lorinczi (University of Leeds)

3.00pm: Team Education Strategies as Inclusive Exercises for GEES Students - Brian Whalley (University of Sheffield)

3.15pm: Coffee

3.40pm: Development of Geography and Geology Terminology in British Sign Language - Rhian Meara et al (University of Swansea)

3.55pm: Introducing Fieldwork through Interactive Live Broadcasts - Trevor Collins (Open University)

4.10pm: Leeds University Union's Approach to Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality - Tamsin Scott (Equality and Diversity Officer, Leeds University Union)

4.25pm: Plenary/Discussion

 5.00pm: Finish  

Programme: 16 January 2019: Interactive Sessions

9.15am: Registration and Coffee
9.45am: “Diversity Dash!” - Theresa Nicholson (Manchester Metropolitan University)

10.45am: Coffee

11.00am: Access Anglesey: Inclusive Fieldwork - Jacqueline Houghton, Dan Morgan and Clare Gordon (University of Leeds)

12.00pm: Lunch

1.00pm: “I can hear chalk” – What I Wish Academic Staff Knew About Autism and Other Neuro-Diverse Conditions - Zach Killingback (Durham University)

2.00pm: The Role of Institutions in Inclusion, Diversity and Equality and How These Impact on Outreach:  Panel Discussion - George Jameson (Geological Society of London), Karen Devine (British Ecological Society), Hollie Fisher (Atkins Global), Alison Stokes (University of Plymouth and Co-Chair of DiG-UK)  


Geolsoc Contact

Judi Lakin

The Geological Society
Burlington House

Convenor Contact

Jacqueline Houghton

Jacqueline Houghton