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Responsible Investing in Natural Resources

07 - 08 October 2019
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Geological Society Events, 2019 Year of Carbon
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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What is responsible investing, how should we measure it and how can we shape its future?

These are some of the questions that investors, operators, policy makers and NGOs gathered to discuss at a two-day conference in October 2019.

Responsible investment is currently driven primarily by the volume of carbon an organisation releases to the environment. This blanket approach can have unintended consequences for the extractives sectors and its customers.

Responsible investment should encompass a broader and more balanced set of requirements, as suggested by the Sustainable Development Goals, thereby ensuring that those organisations who truly strive to operate in a more sustainable manner are actively supported by responsible investors.

the front page of a geological society policy document on responsible investing

In October 2019, an interdisciplinary group of delegates from mining, oil and gas companies, investors and other financial institutions, consultancies, NGOs and universities came together for a two-day workshop at the Geological Society, to explore what constitutes responsible investment in the extractive sector, consider how it might be verified and quantified, identify drivers and barriers to achieving it, and propose actions to support and stimulate its implementation. 

Read the policy briefing note to find out more.


  • Sarah Gordon, Satarla
  • Christopher Reeves, Digby Wells
  • Adam Matthews, Church of England
  • Karina Litvack, Non-Executive Board Director
  • Tom Albanese, Non-Executive Board Director
  • Jon Samuel, Anglo American
  • Michael Barron, Michael Barron Consulting
  • Susan Joyce, On Common Ground
  • Frances Wall, Cambourne School of Mines
  • James Fryer, CNA Hardy/Mining Insurance Group
  • Claudia Jukes, Cyan Finance
  • Carole Cable, Brunswick/NED/Women in Mining
  • Andrew Bloodworth, British Geological Survey 
  • Sarah Scott, Environment Agency 
  • Marion Maloney, Environment Agency
  • Mark Turner, Emsity
  • Keiran Doyle, Cambourne School of Mines
  • Yulia Cherepanova, Satarla
  • Aldo Pennini, Satarla
  • Nic Bilham, Cambourne School of Mines
  • Aidan Davy, ICMM
  • Jessica Fries, Accounting for Sustainability
  • Sir Richard Shirreff, Strategia Worldwide
  • Kat Bruce, Nature Metrics
  • Zak Wood/Aiden Choles, DBK Advisory
  • Pierre Courtemanche, GeoTraceability
  • Robert Pell, Minviro


  • Sarah Gordon, Satarla/Geological Society
  • David Bamford, Petromall
  • Christopher Reeves, Digby Wells
  • Aldo Peninni, Satarla
  • Ellen Casey, Satarla
  • Nic Bilham, Camborne School of Mines

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