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CSRG: Monitoring coastal erosion from space, what is feasible and how confident are we on the changes detected?

25 February 2021
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Lecture, Virtual event, AGM
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Central Scotland Regional Group, Geological Society Events
Virtual event
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EO from space is becoming mature enough to provide valuable information services for the coastal stakeholders with an interest on better managing the risk of coastal erosion to communities and assets. The European Space Agency (ESA) has funded "Coastal Change from Space" consortium to explore the feasibility of producing the information need by the end-users in Quebec, R. Ireland, Spain and UK. In this talk, we will explore how monitoring coastal erosion from space can contribute to better managing of flooding and coastal change risk to communities, businesses and infrastructure in the UK. 


Dr Andres Payo, Geohazard Researcher, British Geological Survey


25th February 2021




Please register in advance via the link in the flyer

Annual General Meeting

The CSRG AGM will follow the talk. We are currently looking for somebody to join the committee as secretary, please complete the CSRG nomination form and return before the 18th February if you would like to nominate yourself for the role.