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The Engineering Geology of Contaminated Land

04 June 2019
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Organised by:
Contaminated Land Group, Engineering Group
The Geological Society, Burlington House
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This meeting is organised jointly by the Engineering Group and the Contaminated Land Group


The disciplines of engineering geology and contaminated land specialists originated from the same purpose: To communicate and assess the impact of geology and our interaction with it to civil engineering. Both disciplines have since formed their own distinct career paths and have become progressively more disparate over time, in terms of both technical expertise and communication.

This professional workshop has been set up in concert between the Engineering Group and The Contaminated Land Group of the Geological Society to help develop and explore the common ground between these two disciplines.

It aims to identify respective attitudes towards risk, modelling, contamination and waste, thereby enabling practitioners in both disciplines to appreciate the differences that exist between them in their approaches. Ultimately moving forward, the workshop will help to develop understanding and awareness in developing combined investigations that tackle both geotechnical and geoenvironmental issues on site.

Topics covered will include:

  • ground models vs conceptual site models
  • approaches to communicating risk
  • construction on landfill
  • earthworks material reuse
  • combined geotechnical and geoenvironmental ground investigations.

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9:00 – Arrival (Tea & Coffee)

9:30 – Introduction & Keynote Speaker 1 – Paul Nathanail (LQM) 

10:00 – Session 1: Attitudes to Risk & Modelling: 

1. Differences in approaches to risk - Judith Nathanail (LQM) 

2. BGS contributions to redeveloping post-industrial brownfield land – from regional to site specific approaches for integrated geotechnical and geochemical evaluations - Vanessa Banks & Darren Beriro (BGS)     

3. Attitudes in the nuclear waste industry and their communication (title tbc) - Andrew Parks (Radioactive Waste Management) 

4. Communicating risk for below ground infrastructure projects - Natalyn Ala (Copper Consultancy)

11:15 – Tea & coffee break with demonstration by Keynetix 

11:45 – Session 2: Attitudes towards contaminants 

1. Anthropogenic contaminants (title tbc) - Sonia Trewavas (Atkins)

2. Attitudes to longevity of contaminants: Asbestos case study - Simon Cole (AECOM) 

3. Use of Cutter Soil Mixing to facilitate diaphragm walling on a contaminated site in London - Martin Stanley (Bachy Solentance)

12:45 – Lunch

13:30 – Panel discussion – Engineering Geology of Contaminated Land

14:00 – Keynote Speaker 2 – Combined ground investigations: Rationale and interpretation - David Cragg (Aecom)

14:30 – Tea & coffee break with demonstration by Leapfrog 

15:00 – Session 3: Waste

1. Waste: The forgotten issue - Chris Swainston (Soils Limited) 

2. Re-use of waste: Case study - Jonathan Evans (Atkins) & Chris Barrett (Arup) 

3. Reclaiming the Emerson’s Green Landfill for Residential Development - Duncan Scott (VertaseFLI) 

4. Discussions & Q/A 

16:15 – Closing Remarks - David Giles (University of Portsmouth)


Tom Morgan ([email protected])


With thanks to our sponsors ALS, Seequent, Keynetix and Vertase FLI.

Convenor Contact

Contaminated Land specialist group

Matthew Wright, Danielle Evans and Ena Hyka

Engineering Group

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