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Parent Paper: Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic sediment and turbidite reservoir supply to South Atlantic margins


Appearing in Mohriak,W. U., Danforth, A., Post, P. J., Brown, D. E., Tari, G. C., Nemcok, M. & Sinha, S. T. (eds) 2012. Conjugate Divergent Margins. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 369,

The published papers and electronic sources (Excel and ArcGIS files of calculated sedimentation rates) used for the construction of sedimentation rate profiles are provided as Excel and ArcGIS formats.

Downloadable Excel and ArcGIS shape files showing compacted sedimentation rate estimates in m/Ma for defined time intervals as used in paper and source reference data for cross-sections etc. used. Excel files are referenced to a basin. Shape files can only be viewed with commercial ESRI Arc-MAP software. There are separate sets of files (seven component files to each for African and South American data) . To use the ArcGIS files copy all components to a folder on your c drive and then import into an mxd withinArcMap programme.

Excel files

GIS files

Sedimentation rates

Africa - Shape file and components
South America – Shape file and components