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Parent Paper: Petrology and geochemistry of a cumulative xenolith suite from Bute: evidence for late Palaeozoic crustal underplating beneath SW Scotland

Downes, H., Upton, B. G. J., Connolly, J., Beard, A.D., & Bodinier, J.-L.
Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 164, Part 6, November 2007, pp. 1217-1231.
  • Table 2. Representative mineral compositional data from Hawk’s Nib xenoliths. DUN = dunite; WHR = wehrlite; LHZ = lherzolite; CPX = clinopyroxenite; OCP = olivine clinopyroxenite; WB = websterite; ANO = anorthosite; GB = Gabbro; GN = gabbronorite; OG = olivine gabbro.