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Parent Paper: The Rise and Fall of the Ediacaran Biota.

Appearing in ‘The Rise and Fall of the Ediacaran Biota’. In: VICKERS-RICH, P. & KOMAROWER, P. (eds) Geological Society, London, Special Publication, 286.

All of the abstracts can be downloaded as .rft files from the list at the bottom of the page.

Kyoto abstracts:

  • Origins of Skeletal Biomineralization: Molecular Evidence – K. Endo.
  • Diversity and Taphonomy of Early Metazoan Embryos – C.-W. Li.
  • Genetic Cascade Underlying the Formation of the Notochord in Urochordate Embryos – N. Satoh.
  • Reflections on Staggered Bilateral Symmetry in Dickinsonia and other Ediacarans – E. Savazzi.
  • Were Efficient Burrowers Responsible for the Disappearance of Ediacarans? – E. Savazzi.

Prato abstracts:

  • Ediacaran Global Reconstructions - D. A. D. Evans & T. D. Raub.
  • The Cold Cradle of Animal Life and Metazoan Colonization of Warm Carbonate Basins During the Vendian-Cambrian Transition – M. A. Fedonkin.
  • Geochronological Constraints from the Ghaub Formation, Namibia: Implications for the Timing of Marinoan Glaciation - K. H. Hoffmann, D. J. Condon, S. A. Bowring, A. R. Prave & A. E. Fallick.
  • Vendian Animals in the Phylum Proarticulata – A. Y. Ivantsov.
  • Terminal Proterozoic Events from the Krol Belt, Lesser Himalaya, India – A Review – V. K. Mathur & D. K. Srivastava.
  • The Mistaken Point Assemblage: Ecology and Evolution of Earth's Earliest Ediacarans - G. M. Narbonne.
  • Estimating Metazoan Divergence Times with a Molecular Clock - K. J. Peterson.
  • Construction of a Magnetostratigraphic Framework for Global Correlation of the Ediacaran Period - T. D. Raub.
  • Garden of Ediacara and the Cambrian Revolution - A. Seilacher.