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Parent Paper: The White Stone Band of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation, an integrated high-resolution approach to understanding environmental change

Author: S. J. PEARSON, J. E. A. MARSHALL & A. E. S. KEMP

Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 161, Part 4, July 2004, pp. 675-683.

Data for the White Stone Band are presented as comma-delimited (.csv) files.
  • Table 1: Carbonate-free absolute abundances per gram (CaCO3-Free Aa/G).
  • Table 2: Raw Data Counts.
  • Table 3: Absolute Abundance Data Per Gram (Aa/G).
  • Table 4: Bisaccate Width/Length Ratios.
  • Table 5: TOC %, carbonate %, remainder % weight and atomic H/C ratios.
Note: This supplementary publication is online-only – hard copies are not available from the British Library or Society Library.