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Parent Paper: Ductile shearing, hydrous fluid channelling and high-pressure metamorphism along the basement–cover contact on Sikinos, Cyclades, Greece

Author: S. GUPTA & M. J. BICKLE

Appearing in Alsop, G. I., Holdsworth, R. E., McCaffrey, K. J. W & Hand, M. (eds) 2004. Flow processes in Faults and Shear Zones. Geological Society Special Publications, 224, 161–175.

Mineral analytical data is provided as comma-delimited files (.csv):
  • Table 1. White mica analyses from the basement
  • Table 2. Feldspar analyses from granodiorites and microcline schists
  • Table 3. Garnet analyses
  • Table 4. Sodic amphibole analyses
  • Table 5. Chloritoid analyses
  • Table 6. Average temperatures calculated from basement rocks using THERMOCALC