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Geomorphology for Engineers

Product Code: WH001
Series: Whittles Publishing
Author/Editor: Edited by Professor P.G. Fookes, Dr. Mark Lee and Dr. G. Milligan
Publication Date: 01 January 2005
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'...Most engineering companies employ geomorphologists on their full-time staff and all require a text that guides them to the core of the subject. This book fulfils that need...' Extract from the Foreword by Professor Denys Brunsden, University of London, King's College.

Geomorphological landforms and processes exert a strong influence on surface engineering works, yet comparatively little systematic information on geomorphology is available to engineers. This book presents a worldwide view of geomorphology for engineers and other professionals on the near-surface engineering problems associated with the various landscapes. This new and completely revised edition has additional chapters with an improved format and is broadly divided into three parts. The first part is concerned with the major factors which control the materials, form and processes on the Earth's surfaces. The second part deals with the geomorphological processes which help shape land surfaces and influence their engineering characteristics and the final part covers environments and landscapes, including some specialist chapters. Each chapter is written by leading authorities on the subject and is both self-contained and referenced with other chapters as appropriate to make a balanced whole.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1870325-03-5
Publisher: Whittles
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 874
Weight: 2.1 kg


Introduction to Engineering Geomorphology.

Part I - CONTROLS: Climate and Weathering; Sedimentology; Tectonics; Stratigraphy; The Quaternary; Engineering Behaviour of Soils and Rocks;

Part II - GEOMORPHOLOGICAL PROCESSES: Landslides; Active Tectonic Environments and Seismic Hazards; Rivers; Soil Erosion; Subsidence;

Part III - ENVIRONMENTS AND LANDSCAPES: Glacial environments; Periglacial Forms and Processes; Temperate Environments; Hot drylands; Savanna; Hot Wetlands; Mountain Environments; Estuaries and Deltas; Coastal Environments; Continental Shelves; Volcanic Landscapes; Karst Terrains; Loess; Chalk Landscapes; Urban Geomorphology. Appendices.


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