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Geoscientist Cover Competition

We launched the first ever cover competition for our popular monthly membership magazine, Geoscientist in early 2019

Geoscientist magazine covers

Over the years, Geoscientist has sported a huge variety of cover images, from ancient Egyptian art to the Earth’s interior. In May this year, the Society will mark the 100th anniversary of female Fellowship, and we’d love the cover of Geoscientist to reflect this important milestone.

Dame Maria Ogilvie - first female fellowThe first female Fellows

The first eight women to become Fellows of the Geological Society were elected on 21 May 1919. They included pioneering graptolite research Gertrude Elles, eminent palaeontologist and politician Dame Maria Ogilvie and stratigrapher and palaeontologist Ethel Skeat. 

Their admission followed decades of campaigning, and was finally achieved following a curiously mundane amendment to the Society’s bye-laws:

‘Article XXIII. Interpretation – In the interpretation of these Bye-Laws words in the masculine gender only, shall include the feminine gender also.’

It was a major victory in a long campaign by female geologists to be recognised by their peers – read more on our blog.

Geoscientist Mystery Cover

The competition

The competition is now closed. 

In the May issue of Geoscientist, we’re marking the centenary of female members with a special issue. We’d love the cover to feature an image celebrating women in geology, whether past or present, designed by you.

It’s up to you how you interpret the theme. You could send us a drawing of your favourite female geologist, a photograph of yourself or your colleagues in the lab or in the field, an artwork which you feel represents the importance of diversity in the geosciences – anything you like!

As well as their image featuring on the cover, the winner will receive £100 and a year’s subscription (for those not already members) to Geoscientist magazine.

Your entry can take any format – a photograph, painting, drawing or other artwork – and you can send us a digital scan or post us the physical copy. Entries must be in portrait dimensions, and if sent digitally, of print quality.

Entry is free and open to all. You can submit as many entries as you like, individually or jointly.

Deadline: Midnight on Sunday 17 March.

Library Exhibition

Benett thumb

Women and geology in the 19th century

Using a selection of sources from the Library and Archive collections, this exhibition highlights just some of the contributions of women to this most masculine of sciences in the first half of the 19th century.