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Field Geophysics - 4th Edition

Product Code: WB005
Series: Wiley-Blackwell titles
Author/Editor: by John J Milsom & Asger Eriksen
Publication Date: 01 February 2011
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This handy pocket-sized field guide provides practical information and assistance to anyone engaged in small-scale surveys on the ground. Fully revised and updated throughout, the 4th edition includes comprehensive updates on the use of GPR and GPS and new sections on surface wave seismics and towed array systems. This has become the standard text in this area for use in the field and the experience of the two authors will ensure the book retains its place as one of the most popular handbooks in applied geophysics.

  • Fully revised and updated to incorporate new developments in the field;
  • Focus on quality control of the acquisition of data and basic field interpretation;
  • User-friendly, accessible writing style;
  • Includes updates on Ground Penetrating Radar and the use of GPS;
  • New section on surface wave methods.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-470-74984-5
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304
Weight: 0.35 kg


Preface to the First Edition.
Preface to the Second Edition.
Preface to the Third Edition.
Preface to the Fourth Edition.
1. Introduction.
2. Gravity Method.
3. Magnetic Method.
4. Radiometric Surveys.
5. Electric Current Methods: General Considerations.
6. Resistivity Methods.
7. SP and IP.
8. Electromagnetic Methods.
9. Remote-Source Electromagnetics.
10. Ground Penetrating Radar.
11 Siesmic Methods: General Considerations.
12. Seismic Reflection.
13. Seismic Refraction.
14. Seismic Surface Wave Methods.
15. Maps, Mapping and GPS.
Appendix: Terrain Corrections for Hammer Zones B to M.


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