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Precambrian Geology of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana

Product Code: USPE377
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: John B. Brady, H. Robert Burger, John T. Cheney
Publication Date: 28 January 2004
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GSA Special Paper 377.

The Tobacco Root Mountains occupy a unique niche in the Archean Wyoming province of North America. Located near the northwestern margin of the province, the Precambrian rocks of the Tobacco Root Mountains were subjected to an intense tectonothermal event (Big Sky Orogeny) during the collision of the Wyoming and Hearne provinces in the Early Proterozoic. This event overprinted earlier periods of deformation and metamorphism, but the unique lithologic packages present in the Tobacco Root Mountains aid in unraveling early from later events and in detailing many results stemming from this Early Proterozoic collision. Several papers in this volume review the geochemistry and petrology of the four major Precambrian rock sequences present in the Tobacco Root Mountains, focusing on what each rock suite represents in terms of original protolith and providing the foundation for understanding the extensive petrological and geochronological information that follows. Another paper considers the meta-ultramafic rocks that are dispersed throughout all Precambrian exposures in the Tobacco Root Mountains. Petrologic observations from all four rock suites are interpreted in terms of a metamorphic history and a pressure-temperature path for the Tobacco Root Mountains during the Proterozoic event. Numerous and extensive radiometric age determinations from all four major rock suites are presented subsequent papers. Taken together, the papers provide a solid base for understanding the timing of the tectonothermal events that affected these rock suites and for separating the effects of the last major event in the Early Proterozoic. Finally, two papers examine the structures and fabrics present in the Precambrian rocks and synthesize observed field relations, structures and fabrics with age determinations and metamorphic history into a sequence of events by which the rocks of the Tobacco Root Mountains evolved, placing Tobacco Root geology into the context of the northern Wyoming province.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2377-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2377-8
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256
Weight: 1.00 kg


Preface • Overview • Dedication • Acknowledgments • 1. General geology and tectonic setting of the Tobacco Root Mountains, H. Robert Burger • Geochemistry and Petrology • 2. Geochemistry of quartzofeldspathic gneisses and metamorphic mafic rocks of the Indian Creek and Pony–Middle Mountain Metamorphic Suites, Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, David W. Mogk, H. Robert Burger, Paul A. Mueller, Kimberly D’Arcy, Ann L. Heatherington, Joseph L. Wooden, Reyna L. Abeyta, Jennifer Martin, and Lisa J. Jacob • 3. Geology and geochemistry of the Spuhler Peak Metamorphic Suite H. Robert Burger, William H. Peck, Kathleen E. Johnson, Kara A. Tierney, Chris J. Poulsen, Pamela Cady, Josh Lowell, William A. MacFarlane, M. Jennifer Sincock, LeAndra L. Archuleta, Ann Pufall, and M. Jason Cox • 4. Precambrian meta-ultramafic rocks from the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, Kathleen E. Johnson, John B. Brady, William A. MacFarlane, Rebecca B. Thomas, Chris J. Poulsen, and M. Jennifer Sincock • 5. General geology and geochemistry of metamorphosed Proterozoic mafic dikes and sills, Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, John B. Brady, Heidi K. Mohlman, Caroline Harris, Sarah K. Carmichael, Lisa J. Jacob, and Wilfredo R. Chaparro • 6. Proterozoic metamorphism of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, John T. Cheney, John B. Brady, Kara A. Tierney, Kathleen A. DeGraff, Heidi K. Mohlman, Jessica D. Frisch, Christine E. Hatch, Michael L. Steiner, Sarah K. Carmichael, Robin G.M. Fisher, Carrie B. Tuit, Kurt J. Steffen, Pamela Cady, Josh Lowell, LeAndra L. Archuleta, Jillian Hirst, Karl W. Wegmann, and Brian Monteleone • Geochronology 7. 40Ar/39Ar ages of metamorphic rocks from the Tobacco Root Mountains region, Montana, John B. Brady, Dana N. Kovaric, John T. Cheney, Lisa J. Jacob, and J. Toby King • In situ ion microprobe 207Pb/206Pb dating of monazite from Precambrian metamorphic suites, Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, John T. Cheney, A. Alexander G. Webb, Chris D. Coath, and Kevin D. McKeegan • Age and evolution of the Precambrian crust of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, Paul A. Mueller, H. Robert Burger, Joseph L. Wooden, Ann L. Heatherington, David W. Mogk, and Kimberly D’Arcy • Structural Geology and Tectonics 10. Character and origin of Precambrian fabrics and structures in the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, Tekla A. Harms, H. Robert Burger, Daniel G. Blednick, Jacob M. Cooper, J. Toby King, David R. Owen, Josh Lowell, M. Jennifer Sincock, Steven R. Kranenburg, Ann Pufall, and Carlos M. Picornell • Advances in the geology of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana, and their implications for the history of the northern Wyoming province, Tekla A. Harms, John B. Brady, H. Robert Burger, and John T. Cheney • Index of Keywords • Explanatory text to accompany geologic map of southern Tobacco Root Mountains, Madison County, Montana (reprinted), Charles J. Vitaliano, H. Robert Burger III, William S. Cordua, Thomas B. Hanley, David F. Hess, and Forrest K. Root 


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