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Recent Developments in Applied Biostratigraphy

Product Code: TMS001
Series: TMS Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. J. Powell and J. B. Riding
Publication Date: 25 November 2005
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Published on behalf of The Micropalaeontological Society.

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In recent years the application of biostratigraphy to hydrocarbon exploration and development has become increasingly important both scientifically and economically. The demand for higher stratigraphical resolution in field development studies has resulted in the utilization of new approaches. However, in under-explored areas with little reliable primary biostratigraphical data, conventional methods using relatively coarse biozonations still have relevance. The aim of this volume is to encourage an exchange of ideas and to seed new research initiatives particularly within integrated multidisciplinary teams. The papers are divided into four main themes which cover a broad range of modern applications of biostratigraphy. The first three themes are: UK North Sea field development; outcrop analogues; and international exploration and development. The final section discusses new methodologies, such as the application of correspondence analysis and multivariate correlation of wells, and palynological processing techniques applicable to the wellsite.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-187-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-187-1
Publisher: GSL on behalf of TMS
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 256
Weight: 0.80 kg


Recent developments in applied biostratigraphy: an introduction, A. J. Powell, J. B. Riding
• Morphostratigraphy: a new non-taxonomic biostratigraphical technique applied to a turbiditic deep-sea reservoir (Paleocene Maureen Formation, Fleming Field, UKCS), E. Monteil
• Mungo Field UK North Sea 22/20, 23/16a: stratigraphy, salt diapirs and reservoir development (or 'The Riddle of the Sands'), S. N. J. Payne, P. A. Cornick, L. F. Draper, H. Nicholson, A. C. Morton, P. Huggins, R. Anderton
• The Ravenscar Group: a coeval analogue for the Middle Jurassic reservoirs of the North Sea and offshore Mid Norway, N. Butler, M. A. Charnock, K. O. Hager, C. A. Watkins
• Preliminary observations on the micropalaeontological characterization of submarine fan/channel sub-environments, Ainsa System, south-central Pyrenees, Spain, R. W. Jones, K. T. Pickering, M. BouDagher-Fadel, S. Matthews
• Micropalaeontological dissection of the Shu'aiba Reservoir, Saudi Arabia, G. W. Hughes
• Saudi Arabian Permo-Triassic biostratigraphy, micropalaeontology and palaeoenvironment, G. W. Hughes
• Foraminifera and dinoflagellate cyst zonation and stratigraphy of the Callovian to Volgian reference section in the Tyumenskaya superdeep well (West Siberia, Russia), V. I. Ilyina, B. L. Nikitenko, L. A. Glinskikh
• Quantitative biostratigraphy for the Cuervos Formation (Paleocene) of the Llanos foothills, Colombia: improving palynological resolution for oil exploration, C. A. Jaramillo, F. Muñoz, M. Cogollo, F. De La Parra
• Palynological zonation of Cenozoic non-marine sediments, Muglad Basin, Sudan, D. T. Stead, M. Z. Awad
• Statistical modelling of ecological signals: a new method for biostratigraphy, B. Dale, A. L. Dale, I. Prince
• A method for two-well correlation using multivariate biostratigraphical data, A. C. Gary, G. W. Johnson, D. D. Ekart, E. Platon, M. I. Wakefield
• Non-acid wellsite palynology: widening opportunities, G. Williams, S. N. J. Payne, R. Dyer, D. F. Ewen, N. Patrick, P. Watson


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