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Geological Society Supplementary Publication No. SUP18629

Parent  Paper: Thick-skin orogen–foreland interactions and their controlling factors, Northern Andes of Colombia



Appearing in Thick-Skin-Dominated Orogens: From Initial Inversion to Full Accretion. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 377


Discussion of evidences for dextral transpression in the Eastern Cordillera, data on exhumation history of the Eastern Cordillera and colour versions of Figures 4–6 are provided as .rtf and pdf files:

File 1 - Discussion (.pdf5,427Kb)

File 2 - Exhumation history (.pdf1,584Kb)

File 3  - References (.rtf83Kb)

File 4 (.pdf2,839Kb)

File 5 (.pdf1,588Kb)

File 5a (.pdf1,588Kb)

File 5b (.pdf2,353Kb)

File 5c (.pdf2,330Kb)

File 5d (.pdf2,289Kb)

File 6a (.pdf1,608Kb)

File 6b (.pdf2,246Kb)

File 6c (.pdf2,025Kb)

File 6d (.pdf2,480Kb)